Medical Transcription.


I got a very important piece of mail today!  I got my diploma and my grades from my Medical Transcription course!  I am so excited to get started.  

Before I was pregnant with Bekkett, I was working full time and making quite a bit of money and we had insurance through my job as well.  I really wanted to start having kids, but my biggest worry was that I was not going to be able to stay home with them.  It broke my heart to even think about.  I had had a friend and a roommate who did Medical Transcription from home and I suddenly was interested in doing so, as well.  So, I contacted them both and asked for help as they had gone through the training beforehand.  I got started in February 2011 and from that day on, I felt at peace with the decision we had made.  

Not even 5 days after Bekkett was born, Greg and I were walking with him, when suddenly I just started crying.  I told Greg that Bekkett had only been in our life 5 days and I couldn’t imagine the time in 3 months when I would have to leave him to go back to work.  I told him that with all of my heart I did not want to go back.  

Even though I had not finished my transcription training, we had saved all of our tax return for this time, Greg had been blessed with a new job at Thermo-Fisher that STARTED him at the same rate that I was working, AND offered amazing benefits, as well.  We prayed for guidance to know what would be best for our family.  We decided to be as frugal as possible and see how far the tax return could stretch, then we would reassess before I needed to give my 2 weeks notice.  

Although it has taken me MUCH LONGER than I hoped/expected it to, I am FINALLY DONE.  With the help of PRECIOUS family and friends who have supported me to get to this point, I finally have my certificate and can start looking for jobs!  I am so thrilled and hope to be an employed Medical Transcriptionist in the near future!  If any of you might have information about jobs or possible places that might be hiring, please let me know!  I am just so eager to be able to help support my family financially and hopefully take a little bit of that burden off of my dear Gregory’s shoulders! 🙂  




Special moment.


The first time I heard this song, I sat weeping because it explained exactly the feelings I had before I had Bekkett and how I felt when I first heard his cry and how I distinctly remember my heart changing COMPLETELY that night, June 20, 2011 at 8:27 PM.  There were never words to explain that change in my heart until I heard this song.  Take a read.  Or have a listen.  Try not to cry. 😉

Christina Perri “A Thousand Years”

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave

How can I love when I’m afraid To fall

But watching you stand alone

All of my doubt

Suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer
I have died every day waiting for you Darlin’ don’t be afraid I have loved you for a Thousand years I’ll love you for a Thousand more

Time stands still

beauty in all she is

I will be brave

I will not let anything

Take away

What’s standing in front of me

Every breath,

Every hour has come to this

One step closer
I have died every day waiting for you Darlin’ don’t be afraid I have loved you for a Thousand years I’ll love you for a Thousand more

And all along I believed

I would find you

Time has brought

Your heart to me

I have loved you for a

Thousand years

I’ll love you for a Thousand more

Today I had decided to write about the Solar Eclipse and just before I started writing, I was looking through photos to document my Photo A Day.  I had been thinking of what photo I would use for the “Special Moment” since I checked what the theme would be today and I knew I would use one of when Bekkett was barely born.  I cried as I looked at the photos I would use because I can’t believe it has already been 11 months.  

I started writing about the solar eclipse, at a loss for words.  Then this song came on, I started crying again and I knew I would share my special moment.  These are the words I wrote just a few weeks after he was born.  

 “My world changed completely on Monday, June 20, 2011. Our beautiful son, Bekkett Paul Ostler, came into this world at 8:27 PM weighing 9 lbs. 10 oz. and 21.5 in. long. This is our story.

 Around 6 am, I started feeling cramping and I went to the bathroom at 6 and 7, still feeling that cramping feeling. Around 8 o clock, I started feeling contractions about 7-10 minutes apart. Around 8:25 Greg got up to go to the bathroom and I told him I had been having contractions. We decided to call the doctors office and they sent us up to labor and delivery. We got our bags packed and headed on over to the hospital.

 We checked into the hospital and hooked me up to monitors to monitor babyʼs heart and my contractions. The contractions showed true that they were only 7-10 minutes apart, but they were good strong contractions. They monitored them for an hour and then the nurse said that they might send me home to wait until the contractions were closer together, but that she would call Dr. Olsen and see what he had to say. Greg and I were way sad and were very disappointed to hear this. But, we were ready to hear whatever Dr. Olsen had to say. The nurse came back and said that Dr. Olsen said that since we were already having consistent contractions and it was my due date, that we should just get me on some Pitosin and get this baby here.

 So, they got me started on the pit and asked me when I wanted my epidural. At the beginning, I thought I would wait a while, but once the pitosin hit, I decided I wanted it asap. The anesthesiologist was getting ready to leave for lunch so I decided that if I was going to get it anyways, I might as well not wait…less pain! 🙂 So, I got the epidural and that was way weird, but not as bad as expected. From then on, it was smooth sailing and I was so grateful for Greg who was there through it all. He went and got me nail polish and stuff so I could do my nails at some point that day. We waited for the progression and around 6 pm I was ready to rest and r______, which was when I painted my nails.

 In the beginning, we didnʼt want anyone to know that we were in the hospital, but seeing as how it was my due date, I should have known that our parents would be wanting to know if anything was happening. Of course they did and so both sets of parents knew that we were in the hospital. Mom and dad were planning on going camping and fishing, but I told them that they should probably stay within cell phone service. They were heading into town and I thought that it would be good to get a blessing from G and dad, but they began me pushing and from then on, we didnʼt have time.

 I started pushing around 7:10 and pushed until about 8 when the nurse called Dr. Olsen in to come and deliver the baby. It was crazy because it seemed to go by so quickly. Greg was helping the whole time and just going through this whole experience with him was so incredible and an experience that I hope not to forget any time soon. That is why I am writing this.

 It came the point where Dr. Olsen said that the next push, the baby should come out. It was the weirdest feeling in the world and as he came out, I saw this blue, slimy bundle of joy come out and the first time I heard his cry, my heart melted. I remember leaning back on the table and I couldnʼt help but cry at this miracle that had entered into the world and who had already changed my life forever.

 They took Bekkett to clean him up because he had pooped during delivery, but afterwards, they wrapped him up and Greg brought him over to me. As I held him in my arms, my heart grew 10 times and I knew I would never be the same. I looked at Greg and as we held hands, I felt so much joy in this miracle that we had created together. For he truly was a miracle. His BIG hands and feet, his skinny little legs, his beautiful face, his soft hair, his cute little ears, and beautiful smile, his deep cry…what a beautiful baby boy.

 The feeling in the room was absolutely incredible. He has a strong and a righteous spirit.

As I look into his eyes, I see a Priesthood giant! He has been prepared to do marvelous things! He was born into a family that had been sealed for forever…so no matter what happens, he is ours forever. I canʼt imagine life without our Baby Bekkett, and I pray that our Father will keep him safe and protected. I donʼt know what we did without that beautiful boy. It seems like he has always been part of us. And I know that he has…he has just been waiting for me to be ready for him to come. Greg has been ready since day 1, but it took me a while. I am grateful for Greg and that he helped me prepare for this angel in our home. What a miracle and a blessing!”


Day 21: Special moment.  My heart changed completely when I heard his cry for the first time…and he has been stealing my heart every day, ever since.  





It seems as though I have been writing about flowers a lot recently…granted it is mostly the ones that Bekkett has destroyed, so lovingly.  I forgot to write last time that every time he knows he shouldn’t be doing something, he looks up at me and gets this innocent look on his face and reaches out his arm to me.  I don’t know what he is trying to say to me, but it is pretty darn cute.  I will have to catch one of those looks he gives me some time so that I can share on here.  What a cute little stinker.  

This post is going out to my amazing husband.  Yesterday I came home to this: Image

Two beautiful dahlia plants with this cute note.  Who knows what made him think to go and get these, but I absolutely love them and I am excited to try and keep them alive, even with Mr. Bekkett around.  

Greg has always been so thoughtful and I am grateful to come home to little surprises(not always flowers) that are “just because”.  I am grateful to have a husband that is a romantic and does cute things for me, even when lease expected.  

Yesterday, I went to get a pedicure from a dear friend and I got to tell her all about how Greg and I met and got engaged and our wedding, you know, catching up like old friends do.  The more I talked to her, the more I know that Greg was supposed to be a part of my life.  I knew that from day 1, but I never understood, THEN, what a big part in my life he would play, and I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for him.  


Willow Park and pool time.


Today we took the time to go to Willow Park before Greg had to go to work.  We had such a fun time strolling around and looking at all of the animals.  Here is a slideshow of our trip and a few of the highlights.

-We LOVED seeing the baby emus.  They reminded us of Kevin, off of Up.  At first they were in the far corner eating leaves off of the bushes outside of the gate, but we wanted to see the little guys close up, so we came back a little later and got a better look at them. Those little guys were worth every penny to get in.  And I would also pay multiple times a week to go and see them.  They were so cute.

-Bekkett was giggling at everything today.  We would help him see the animals and he would giggle at them.  Such a cute and fun personality!

-We stalked the male peacock that is in the photo with the tortoise and we were able to record it jump onto a 4 foot fence and then fly about 1o feet to the rooftop behind it.  It was pretty cool.  We definitely had a great time.

This afternoon, Shandi needed some help with the girls so that she could get some cleaning and laundry done, so we went over to their house and our friends were playing in the backyard in a swimming pool, so Bekkett got to do what he loves the most…SPLASH!  Here are some photos of his pure joy.


It is days like these that I am grateful to be able to stay home with my little guy and enjoy the little things in life!  So much fun!


Day 14: Spring.



Spring.  One thing that brings me more joy than almost anything about spring is that we get to have a picnic EVERY day with daddy.  We don’t have to be cooped up in the break room at Thermo-Fisher making conversation that is just that… MAKING conversation.  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL and Bekkett is LOVING to be outside.  Today he proved to me(in more ways than one) that he is a boy.  Here is a photo: ImageHe has found the JOY for dirt!  I am quite thrilled! 😉  Another thing that he did today, he picked me flowers(again) out of my flower pots in my kitchen.  I explained the damage he has done so far in my last post.  This time a brand new beautiful daisy that has just bloomed, the dead head from the last one he plucked the petals off of, and another brand new head(not even bloomed) off of my red daisy plant.  Maybe he will be a landscape architect.  

Or maybe a chef.  Every time I am making food, he wants to be up watching everything I am doing.  When I am doing dishes, not so much.  I am sure we will see the signs of this in the future! (I mean who DOES like doing dishes?)

Today we made tortellini with a delicious cream sauce that you can see here:,1715,158170-245192,00.html.  It was absolutely delicious and I recommend it to any who enjoys a delicious pasta cream sauce.  Thank goodness Greg was there or I am sure that it would not have turned out so great.  He is the true chef in our family! 

Last but not least, Bekkett loves his daddy!  This was the cute shot of him and Greg at our picnic tonight.                                Image

Priceless.  I am loving these times in my life.  I am so grateful at this time of year to be a mom to the cutest little boy in the world(*no hint of bias).  He has changed my heart completely and I look forward to the years ahead and the lessons he will continue to teach me.  As for now, I am taking it one day at a time and trying to make the best each one.  I hope Bekkett will always know that he means the world to me.  I am the luckiest.


Busy busy busy.


This may be a random post, but I have a lot to catch up on from this week, so here goes.

Day 10: Sunrise/Sunset.

Well, I could have gotten the sunrise this morning, I was up early enough and out on a run with Bekkett, but I forgot to look at what the photo would be today, so I missed it.  But, I did get the sunset tonight and it was beautiful.  

I was out on a walk (more like letting him go to the bathroom outside our door) after Bekkett went to bed.  I was so glad I captured this one.

This week has been cause for a lot of reflection.  On Monday, it was the year anniversary of my sweet grandpa passing away.

This isn’t the best picture of him, but I can’t find my favorite of him(on the computer) of our wedding day.  Grandpa fought Parkinson’s disease for about 10 years.  He was such a valiant and strong man.  He loved his family, he loved the gospel, and he loved America.  He was so proud to be an American.  I miss hearing his voice and his stories of how we should be grateful to live in this land.  He was strong in the church and endured well, to the end.  I love him so much and hope to become HALF the person that he was.  I sure miss you Grandpa Marble.

Then, DownEast needed some help at their mall store this week, so I went back to work.  It has been really weird and I now know why we decided to have me stay home.  The more I have worked this week, the more I have missed my little guy, and the more I have realized that we made the right decision for me to stay home after I had Bekkett.  We didn’t know if we would be able to make it, monetarily.  It has been hard, and many times I didn’t know if we were going to make it until PayDay.  But, the weeks always went by, PayDay came and we were always fine.  A quote by President Hinckley, “The three most important words: Pay Your Tithing.”  This has truly been the only way we have been able to make it.  And Ia m so grateful for the blessings that he shines down on us.  I recognize His hand in our life and know that we are watched over.

A cute story today about Bekkett…he had been playing around and I was doing some things on the Internet(either posting on Facebook, as my social media job for PieDump/-TL Steakhouse or Norwex stuff), and I hear silence in the kitchen.  I went to see what was up.  This is what I found. 

The little turkey loves to play by my plants and he had ripped apart the head of a whole daisy.  He is so pleased with himself, as you can see by his smile!  He has already broken off a barely budding head off of my yellow daisy plant, broken off more than half of a stick of flowers(for lack of better explanation) from my Sun Star plant, and now this.  Such a cute boy, I can’t be mad.

Well, I guess that is all for now, seeing as how this is the most random post ever.  At least it is recorded, right?


Day8: every morning


Every morning, without fail, Bekkett wakes up between 6:25 and 6:35. How in the world does he know that it is exactly that time? I have always been amazed by this!