Day 14: Spring.



Spring.  One thing that brings me more joy than almost anything about spring is that we get to have a picnic EVERY day with daddy.  We don’t have to be cooped up in the break room at Thermo-Fisher making conversation that is just that… MAKING conversation.  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL and Bekkett is LOVING to be outside.  Today he proved to me(in more ways than one) that he is a boy.  Here is a photo: ImageHe has found the JOY for dirt!  I am quite thrilled! 😉  Another thing that he did today, he picked me flowers(again) out of my flower pots in my kitchen.  I explained the damage he has done so far in my last post.  This time a brand new beautiful daisy that has just bloomed, the dead head from the last one he plucked the petals off of, and another brand new head(not even bloomed) off of my red daisy plant.  Maybe he will be a landscape architect.  

Or maybe a chef.  Every time I am making food, he wants to be up watching everything I am doing.  When I am doing dishes, not so much.  I am sure we will see the signs of this in the future! (I mean who DOES like doing dishes?)

Today we made tortellini with a delicious cream sauce that you can see here:,1715,158170-245192,00.html.  It was absolutely delicious and I recommend it to any who enjoys a delicious pasta cream sauce.  Thank goodness Greg was there or I am sure that it would not have turned out so great.  He is the true chef in our family! 

Last but not least, Bekkett loves his daddy!  This was the cute shot of him and Greg at our picnic tonight.                                Image

Priceless.  I am loving these times in my life.  I am so grateful at this time of year to be a mom to the cutest little boy in the world(*no hint of bias).  He has changed my heart completely and I look forward to the years ahead and the lessons he will continue to teach me.  As for now, I am taking it one day at a time and trying to make the best each one.  I hope Bekkett will always know that he means the world to me.  I am the luckiest.



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