Today before church, we started The Prince of Egypt and as we didn’t get to finish, we headed to church.
Church went really well and Bekkett was such a good boy. I considered it a tender mercy and a small miracle from Heavenly Father.
As we started the show again after naps, I paid attention to the beginning of how the story of Moses is believed throughout the world of Christianity. If you think of the miracles the God performs through Moses in this story, it only shows that God is willing to perform miracles in our lives.
At the point that God tells Moses to take the staff and use it to perform His miracles, I think of the responsibilities in my life and how sometimes I need miracles.
Today I see the hand of God in my life performing many small miracles and as I accept that they are from Him, it makes those miracles just as significant to me as the miracles Moses performed in his day.