Medical Transcription.


I got a very important piece of mail today!  I got my diploma and my grades from my Medical Transcription course!  I am so excited to get started.  

Before I was pregnant with Bekkett, I was working full time and making quite a bit of money and we had insurance through my job as well.  I really wanted to start having kids, but my biggest worry was that I was not going to be able to stay home with them.  It broke my heart to even think about.  I had had a friend and a roommate who did Medical Transcription from home and I suddenly was interested in doing so, as well.  So, I contacted them both and asked for help as they had gone through the training beforehand.  I got started in February 2011 and from that day on, I felt at peace with the decision we had made.  

Not even 5 days after Bekkett was born, Greg and I were walking with him, when suddenly I just started crying.  I told Greg that Bekkett had only been in our life 5 days and I couldn’t imagine the time in 3 months when I would have to leave him to go back to work.  I told him that with all of my heart I did not want to go back.  

Even though I had not finished my transcription training, we had saved all of our tax return for this time, Greg had been blessed with a new job at Thermo-Fisher that STARTED him at the same rate that I was working, AND offered amazing benefits, as well.  We prayed for guidance to know what would be best for our family.  We decided to be as frugal as possible and see how far the tax return could stretch, then we would reassess before I needed to give my 2 weeks notice.  

Although it has taken me MUCH LONGER than I hoped/expected it to, I am FINALLY DONE.  With the help of PRECIOUS family and friends who have supported me to get to this point, I finally have my certificate and can start looking for jobs!  I am so thrilled and hope to be an employed Medical Transcriptionist in the near future!  If any of you might have information about jobs or possible places that might be hiring, please let me know!  I am just so eager to be able to help support my family financially and hopefully take a little bit of that burden off of my dear Gregory’s shoulders! 🙂  




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