Something new. Day 4.


When I won my Biggest Loser contest, I went a little crazy and went shopping.  As I was shopping, I found an Anthropologie shirt that I fell in love with.  OK, so I didn’t go THAT crazy and NO I did not spend $100 on the shirt.  I found it at DownEast for $30.  That is a little more than I would usually spend on a shirt, but since it was my WINNINGS that I was using to purchase the shirt, I didn’t care so much.

{I know that you can’t really see it very well, but you will be able to see it better in the next picture.}

The next time we went in to DownEast, I found another print in the same exact shirt and I fell in love, again.  LUCKILY Shandi was there to save me this time.  She looked at it and said, “Kenz, that would be SO easy to make!  Let’s go find some fabric to make one out of.”  Really?  Only SHE would be able to do that, because she is a genius and her brain works in ways I can’t imagine!

Shandi went to and graduated in Fashion Design here at Bridgerland Applied Technology College.  She has the ability to create so many beautiful things and I am amazed at how different we are in this area.  I look at something and think, “I would rather buy it.”  And she looks at things and says, “I could make it so much better!”  And the amazing this is, is that she CAN!  Here is her blog so that you can see a SMALL HANDFUL of things that she made.

So, Shandi and I got together yesterday, mostly so I could watch the 3 little munchkins while she worked her magic with the sewing machine.  She kept throwing out words I didn’t even understand.  All I can understand about a sewing machine are the words “needle”, “pedal”, maybe “straight stitch”.  Haha.  OK, not that bad, but she is a genius and so great at what she does.  This is the beauty that she came up with.

One for me…

And one for her.

Aren’t they adorable?  I felt like such a diva when I wore mine today!  I put it on my Facebook page and before we knew it, people were going CRAZY wanting Shandi to make one for them.  So, for a limited time only, she is making them for $25.  Let us know which color you would like and what size.  It is made out of knit, so the material is very forgiving.  You will love it!

Thank you Shandi for being a wonder woman at sewing and for creating me SOMETHING NEW!



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