May 3 Breakfast.


This morning’s photo called for “Breakfast”, but as you can see, we only got the tale end of breakfast.  We have been starting to have Bekkett feed himself and that makes for quite the adventure.  At meal times, we are lucky to have Oscar around to be our vacuum…makes for easier cleanup, at least on the floor.

I know that these messes are just going to get more and more entertaining to photograph, but it is so hard for me to believe that my little guy is growing up so quickly.  If I had it my way, he would stay a baby forever.  Then, I wouldn’t get “baby hungry” from all of my friends around me having babies!  But, I do have to admit that each day just continues to be more and more fun, seeing him grow and develop in so many ways.

Yesterday, Greg asked me what my favorite things about Bekkett were right now.  Here are a few:

1: The way he follows me around and will climb up my leg, put his slobbery mouth all over my leg, and beg me to pick him up.

2: The way he “helps” me load the dishwasher by pulling all of the spoons out of the front compartment(strategically placed instead of forks and knives, for safety), and he clanks them around the kitchen floor and plays with them until it is time to close the dishwasher and I have to take his “toys” away.

3: His 3 favorite toys right now(besides spoons): Mom or Dad’s cell phone, Dad’s laptop, any pen in sight.  He has 5,000 other toys, but if these 3 items are in sight, no need for toys.

4: The way he huffs and puffs his nose at me when Oscar is having a sneezing fit.

5: Whenever we are outside, it doesn’t matter what is out there, he will go and find sticks to play with…kind of goes with #3.

6: His talking is so cute.  His favorite sounds right now are “mamamama”, “dadadada”, “nen”, and a VERY high pitched squeal when he is telling an exceptionally exciting story.

What a gem.  I could go on and on.  I will save some more for later.  I am one lucky momma.



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