The other day, I was at Pizza Pie Cafe with my boys.  Greg went to get Bekkett food and then I took my turn.  As I was walking around, I saw a little pregnant lady with her little man and I thought of how I need to take Bekkett on a date, just him and me, before this baby doll comes.  I sat down at the table and started eating my salad.  

March madness was going on, so as Greg looked away from the game, he looked up to find me crying over my salad.  Here I was, sitting at the table with my two boys, eating salad and pizza, crying.  Most people would have just looked over and saw that I was prego and understood.  Haha.  

Anyways, Greg asked me what was wrong and I couldn’t even put into words, for a few minutes, why I was crying.  I was laughing at myself crying and couldn’t even talk.  The emotions and questions that were going through my little heart: “How can I ever love anyone like I love my little man Bekkett?  Is it possible?  Am I ready for the changes that are about to take place?”  

The day that Bekkett was born, he won over my heart, and he has continued to do so every day ever since.  He has become my little sidekick, my buddy and best friend.  How is this new baby girl going to change our relationship?

I know that it is possible to open my heart and love this baby girl, in a completely different way that I love Bekkett, I am just anxious to see HOW it is possible.  It will be an interesting transition and I look forward to the wonderful changes that await our little family in the coming 2.5 weeks! 

AND I will soak up every last snuggle and love that I can get from my little man until then!  





Practicing for baby…


This weekend, we decided to get Bekkett a baby doll.  We have been throwing around the idea for a while now and thought that it might be nice to get him a baby doll so that he can start practicing.  Some say to not give him TOO much practice and that he will try to practice on the real baby, but I am hoping that it will help him see that when I am taking care of baby girl, he can take care of his baby too.

So, he melts my heart with this baby doll.  Take a look.

photo 3  photo 2  photo 1


This kid wanted us to wrap up baby doll and then he would hold her.  Here are some adorable things he does with his baby doll.

-The other night, he went upstairs and got his baby doll, had me wrap her up, and held her while we watched the end of a show before it was time for bed.

-He sleeps with baby doll every night now and makes sure that she is there in his bed at nap time too.

-Today he didn’t fall asleep at nap time for quite a while so I went to check on him.  He was sitting in his “Bekkett sized” leather chair holding his baby doll and trying to wrap her up.

Not only is Bekkett practicing with baby doll, daddy is also practicing.  After adjusting the straps on the baby car seat, daddy strapped baby doll into the car seat and then helped Bekkett bring it to show me.  Not long afterwards, I heard Bekkett talking to baby doll and I walked in and proceeded to take these photos.



Priceless?  I should say so.

Baby girl, you are going to be one lucky little sis.  Big brother is already practicing to protect you, to help you, keep you safe and warm, and he already LOVES you.

When I found out Bekkett was a boy, someone told me, “Every little girl deserves a big brother.”  I don’t know if sis or Greg and I are going to agree with that always, but I am pretty sure that Bekkett is going to make one amazing big brother.  The future is bright!


Battle of the dishes.


So, about 5 months ago(or so) my sister Shandi and I were discussing how hard it is to keep the house clean sometimes.  At that time I may or may not have been leaving dishes in the sink towards the end of the week, knowing that my sweet, handsome, loving, amazingly helpful husband might do those dishes later on in the weekend.  After feeling crappy about myself, and Shandi and I talking, I was reminded that since I don’t work outside of the home, it is my JOB to do the dishes and keep the house clean.  When I had a job outside of the home, did I leave my job in a huge mess every night?  NO!  So, I made a goal to be better.  No going to bed with dishes in the sink.

Well, needless to say, tonight I was REALLY hesitant to do the dishes.  I felt like working on Norwex stuff, medical transcription, etc was much more important.  I had this inner battle with myself, as I often do.  The DEVIL inside was DREADING unloading the dishwasher, but the ANGEL inside of me WON!

I went and rounded up all of the dishes, and decided to get going.  I opened the dishwasher and started pulling dirty dishes out.  The soap dispenser was still closed, so one of two things happened.  A: I forgot to start the dishwasher or B: The soap didn’t open and the dishes were disgusting!

Needless to say, no dishes were done tonight.  I do have to say that whether it was because of choice A or choice B, I do not care.  It just means that I am the luckiest girl in the world tonight because I CHOSE to do the dishes and it was not my fault that I am going to bed with dishes in the sink! 🙂

*Note:  Because of my prego brain, I think I forgot to start the dishes after finding them needing a bath tonight, so I am going to post this and run downstairs to make sure it is going so that I can look forward to doing them in the morning.(Hint of sarcasm?)




I have to write this blog post before I change my mind.  As some of you might know, just over a year ago I started training for a half marathon, as well as doing a Biggest Loser contest.  Not only that, I started making changes in my lifestyle that I hoped to keep in check even after the marathon was over and the contest was over.  

HERE is the blog about my transformation. 

Well, as I had some complications at the beginning of this pregnancy(that blog post is HERE), I wasn’t able to get out and exercise like I wanted to.  In fact, most of the time a walk around the block was too much for me.  So, once the doctor released me, it was then about Noevember/December and needless to say.  I am back out of shape.  

Not only am I out of shape, I have not been keeping up the “one bite of sugar a day”.  Not even a little bit.  Not even AT ALL!  

Last night, I came to this realization as I had this conversation in my head.  

Me#1:  I am excited to have this baby so that I can go back on my one bite of sugar a day diet.  Eating this much sugar makes me sick.

Me#2:  Why are you waiting for the baby to get here?  You know that you CAN start now and then that is one less thing to worry about once baby is born.  

Me#1:  But really, do I really WANT to do that right now?  Cadburry mini eggs, Girl Scout Cookies, Anniversary getaway is this weekend.  Do I REALLY want to do that? 

Me#2:  Yeah, why not, there is no better day than today.  It will be healthier for baby, too.  Duh!  

Me#1:  Yeah…that is true!  Why didn’t I think of that 34 weeks ago.  I think I am convinced.  

SOOOO…the moral of the story is, I convinced Me#1 AND Me#2 that this is a good idea.  Miraculous! 🙂  What did I do as soon as I convinced myself that tomorrow was the day?  I ate a few pieces of Dove chocolate from this weekend and immediately regretted it.  I was CONVINCED that it was a great time to start.  

So, here is what I need… I need some people to help me along the way.  If you are wanting to change something in your eating habits, exercising, any kind of health change, let’s do this together and hold each other accountable.  Comment here, text, or call me and we can get a little group going so that we can get “back on the wagon”, per say.  

Wish me luck! 🙂


Random inspiration.


I don’t usually pay attention to little sayings as I browse through Facebook because more often than not, I regret wasting my time reading them.  I wish Facebook was back to the simple days…status posts and photos.  No more contests to win, no more random sayings, etc.  It would save me a lot of time.  But, that is MY fault, right?  

Anyways, today, I was scrolling through and a friend had posted this quote.  Image

When I wake up in the morning, it is usually to the sound of Bekkett’s cute little voice calling for me.  Depending on how busy I was the night before with Norwex, medical transcription, crafts for baby girl, laundry, or me time, that all usually determines if I am excited to be awake or not.  

As I read this quote, it reminded me that EACH DAY I get to wake up is a special day.  I have a purpose and for the most part, my purpose is to be Bekkett’s mommy, and to be Greg’s wifey.  That is what I have always wanted and I am grateful for that purpose.  As I continue on in my purpose, I pray that I will be aware of when I become complacent.  Usually that will mean that I am not truly fulfilling my purpose.  Do I need to spend more time playing on the floor with Bekkett, to read to him, sit down by him when he pats the floor beside him and just BE with him?  Do I need to be more appreciative of what Greg does for our family?  Do I show him my love and appreciation in a way that he understands?  Am I letting my “other” duties exceed the duties that REALLY matter?  

I loved this quote.  May I live up to my purpose.