The accident.


Sunday morning, the alarm went off at 4:00AM for us to get on the road back home. Both Greg and I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. After a restless 30 minutes, we both decided we had better get up and get going.

We hit the road at about 5 AM and were relieved when Bekkett fell asleep about 5 minutes into the drive. We had just gotten onto the long highway that we would follow for a while and I was looking at my phone when all of a sudden, I hear Greg’s voice, slamming on the breaks, I look up and see at least 4 deer right in the headlights, bright light, loud pop, suffocating dust fills the car, we are skidding to the right side of the road. I wait for a truck to smash us from behind. We come to a stop, I try to open my door. It doesn’t move. Kids are screaming, I use all my might to push open the door. I look up the road, a car is coming, we are in the middle of the right lane of traffic. Shoeless, I start pushing the car off of the road and as soon as we got out of the way, Greg grabbed the E break. We get the screaming kids out of the car with suffocating fumes and I call 911.

Startled, baffled, unaware of the area, I can barely explain to them where we are located. And then we wait. We try to get away from the debris, but it is flying everywhere. Once we were certain the kids were ok, we got the stroller out to put the kids facing away from the road to keep them safe from debris flying. I look down and Bekkett is super somber. I was worried something was wrong with him. I bend down to get on his level and ask him if he is in pain, he shakes his head. I ask him if he is ok and he shakes his head. I said, “Buddy, you need to tell daddy what is wrong.” Sadly, he said, “Daddy hit reindeer.” We couldn’t help but laugh.

One single person, out of all of the people passing by, stopped to see us. They couldn’t find us because I had told them the wrong location {imagine that…I wasn’t from the area and had no clue how long we had been on the road AND had just been in a wreck with my husband and 2 children…I was a little bit traumatized.}

The State Trooper got there and soon after Peter, Brent, and Teresa showed up. Before we had even left the scene of the accident, Sue had flights booked for us from Detroit in about 3 hours and our drive to Detroit was about an hour. We went back to Peter and Liz’s, packed our bags quickly to get to the airport in time.

Luckily, after a brief explanation about our situation, no one asked us for birth certificates for the kids, they let us right through, and we were on our way home, again. Our flight attendant to Chicago was so sweet and gave Bekkett a coloring book and crayons that she had personally purchased for the kiddos on her first flight. Fotu picked us up from the airport in Charlotte, and Jen had a roast dinner ready for us as soon as we got there.

As we recounted our trials and blessings from that day, many times I thought to myself, “Why? Why did this happen to us? Why didn’t we get out of bed on time? Why were our kids safe? Why were we all safe? Why didn’t a deer appendage come through the windshield and impale us? Why?” First questions were so negative, and then my gratitude for ALL of our safety took over, and I could no longer ask “Why?”

In the coming days, insurance got up there quickly and took care of everything. They valued our car at more than $3000 over what we paid for it and more than $4000 more than what we owed on it. We were able to pay of the totaled car AND our Trailblazer from the settlement from this accident. Now we only have 1 car payment on Greg’s new car. Blessed, I would say YES! Close to a year ago when we were considering buying Greg’s Mazda, it had a salvaged title and I was a little leery of buying a car with a salvaged title, but I felt right about it then. Amazing the things that can happen a year later.

We are so blessed to have so many loving, kind, and generous people around us who love us and who are willing to help us at the drop of a hat. So many people here that we can call family, even though they aren’t blood related. We are truly grateful for our safety, and for the blessings in disguise that came from this incident.















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