Willow Park and pool time.


Today we took the time to go to Willow Park before Greg had to go to work.  We had such a fun time strolling around and looking at all of the animals.  Here is a slideshow of our trip and a few of the highlights.

-We LOVED seeing the baby emus.  They reminded us of Kevin, off of Up.  At first they were in the far corner eating leaves off of the bushes outside of the gate, but we wanted to see the little guys close up, so we came back a little later and got a better look at them. Those little guys were worth every penny to get in.  And I would also pay multiple times a week to go and see them.  They were so cute.

-Bekkett was giggling at everything today.  We would help him see the animals and he would giggle at them.  Such a cute and fun personality!

-We stalked the male peacock that is in the photo with the tortoise and we were able to record it jump onto a 4 foot fence and then fly about 1o feet to the rooftop behind it.  It was pretty cool.  We definitely had a great time.

This afternoon, Shandi needed some help with the girls so that she could get some cleaning and laundry done, so we went over to their house and our friends were playing in the backyard in a swimming pool, so Bekkett got to do what he loves the most…SPLASH!  Here are some photos of his pure joy.


It is days like these that I am grateful to be able to stay home with my little guy and enjoy the little things in life!  So much fun!



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