May 12-18





We sure loved playing at the park with Johanna and the kids before they flew back home. Then we just spent time together, until daddy got home from work.




This morning, Bekkett decided he was going to make eggs without us even downstairs, so he got the eggs out, the pan out and cracked an egg… luckily he didn’t turn on the oven. That would have been disastrous.




I love good mail days! I got this package from Norwex. I earned a TON of stuff from Norwex by only doing Facebook parties! What a blessing FB parties have been in my business, since doing at home parties hasn’t taken off here in Asheville. I also got some pineapple crackers from a friend in Thailand and I was one happy girl. Then, snuggles with my little man after his naps. I couldn’t ask for much more! ūüôā





I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing up. I am not really ok with it, but I guess I have no choice. I love to see them learn and develop and I guess I can’t see them learn and develop if I don’t want them to grow up, so I guess I will just have to deal with it. My view for the day. Can’t complain too much.




More growing up!









This Saturday, we decided to take a half day trip up to Chimney Rock and we had a great time. We didn’t hike up to Chimney Rock, but the area is just beautiful and we were able to look at all of the little shops along the way. We had some southern BBQ, not the best that we have ever had, but what can you do. It was a delightful day together.





And Sunday we headed to Lake Jullian to feed the ducks and spend a little bit of time outside before bedtime. Notice Desi’s cute little mocs that we bought when we were in Chimney Rock. Love my little family to the moon!


All day, erry day.


You know those times when life seems too overwhelming, when you don’t get enough sleep, when you feel like day-to-day things seem like a HUGE LOAD that you can’t get off your back, when you want to be happy, but the happiness doesn’t really come? You think that {multiple} spoonfuls of Nutella will make it all better, but it doesn’t.

I have been having one of those weeks. I don’t know what it is. And it sucks…Then you get word that a remarkable man, a father/husband of a friend dies, and your heart gets even more sad.

And then you don’t have anyone to spend the 4th of July with, and the people you made plans with show up late, and you feel like it is a waste of a day. You feel like all you want to do is go home and celebrate the 4th with your family. Or at least, have your husband there to celebrate it with.

The nights before there wasn’t enough hours to sleep. You want to stay up and spend time with your husband, but your eyes are so tired, that they twitch {for a week straight}.

Then comes NAP TIME on the 4th. You put them down around 1:15. Both kids go to sleep quickly. You worked hard all week {when you could} to get the things done that you needed to so that you could relax on Friday. You finish up the last few things. You turn on a 8 minute 27 second meditation and within the first 3 minutes you fall fast asleep. HELL YEAH!

You wake up with your {oldest} child YELLING at you at 2:45 and you think {grumpily, because he just woke you up} “Really? Is he REALLY yelling at me?” And, “Really? It has only been an hour and a half!!” You go give him a drink and tell him to lay back down. He actually does so.

It is 4:17 and you have been able to relax, read a magazine, kick your feet up, write a blog post, and suddenly, the world seems much brighter and suddenly you feel like you can make it through another day. AND… another day=THE WEEKEND! Can I get another HELL YEAH?!?

OK, that is all for now! Happy 4th of July!

May 5-11




Happy Mother’s Day to me! ūüôā ¬†

Greenville Zoo with Megan and Lizzie.  So much fun, we wore them right out.  



Tired babies.  



Grammy and PopPop came into town for the weekend and we LOVED taking them to Play & Learn with us! ¬†After that, we went to the Nature Center to see our animal friends and play at the park. ¬†We loved it. ¬†Then, it was swimming time at Aunt SueSue’s pool.¬†




The next day, Johanna and the kids flew in, but it was first to Great Clips for the boys haircuts. Then we were off to Biltmore for a BEAUTIFUL day together. ¬†It was an AMAZING opportunity and I can’t wait to go back again and have a REAL tour. ¬†I look at that building and I just wish I could go back in time and see that place in action. ¬†It is pretty amazing! ¬†Anyone who wants to come and visit, you can get discounted tickets and I will gladly go again! ūüôā ¬†We go at least once a month because it is just so amazing. ¬†



Then it was back to SueSue’s house for a rain shower and dinner. ¬†The kids LOVED playing in the rain. ¬†




The next day, we took some time to go to Chimney Rock area, but since it was rainy, we didn’t get to see much. ¬†It was a beautiful morning to skip rocks at Lake Lure. ¬†




Mother’s Day called for wearing my mama’s class ring and my Grandma’s earrings. ¬†Miss those women each day! ¬†Grateful to have Grandma Marble as an angel friend watching over us out here in NC. ¬†


Love her smile.



I think it is safe to say that all kids, {including the pups} were tuckered out by the end of the weekend.



And that was that.  It was a wonderful week!  Watch for more updates soon!



Brother + Sister


KiddosRecently, my cute little man has just stolen my heart. ¬†He has been so sweet. ¬†He has started telling us that he loves us, even before we tell him and it is pretty darling. ¬†Many times a day, he will snuggle up to his sister and he will say, “I love you Desi.”

Whenever I tell him and Desi to come, he will grab Desi’s hand and help her walk over to me.

Take a look at these gems {they are blurry, but priceless}.kiddos2 kiddos3I am so grateful for these 2 little gems.  They steal my heart daily!  I love seeing their cute personalities come out as they grow.

Desi has started squawking, a LOT. ¬†Gramps calls her “uh” because that is all she does all day when she wants something, she says, “uh, uh, uh, uh…” ¬†Cute little stink. ¬†We have her ask “please” in sign language, and instead of rubbing her little tummy/chest, she rubs her arm. ¬†It is pretty darling.

The kids have both been loving us sing to them before bed, and I just love that personal, one-on-one time with each of them. ¬†In case you couldn’t tell, I just really love them! ūüôā

Until next time.




April 28-May 4




I went upstairs to put Desi down for a nap and left Bekkett watching a show downstairs. ¬†I came down and found the man like this. ¬†This NEVER happens… I can count on one hand, the times that he has fallen asleep outside his room(not counting in the car). ¬†He must have been TUCKERED OUT!





This girl LOVED this spot.  She would go to this spot every day during her smoothie/milk drinking.  She is so cute.  




The park with Lizzie and Megan.  ImageImageImageImage

Saturday morning we went Yard Sale-ing and it was a success.  The youth had a carnival fundraiser for camps and after that, we headed to the Tourists Baseball game with the Soliai family for the evening.  It was quite delightful.  


Desi hammed it up as soon as she saw that I was taking photos.  


Uncle Fotu bought Bekkett a snowie and he loved his blue tongue afterwards.  



Gosh, I love that family!  They have been such an incredible blessing to us this year!


April 21-27


Happy Birthday to US:  



Me, Christi, and Vanessa.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!



You know Desi has been in our bathroom when….


Bekkett’s invention with his cute toys. ¬†And look at that smile.¬†



I love sorting socks.  NOT!


We love playing outside.  



Then after baths, we went into Desi’s room and recorded her trying to walk. ¬†She is growing up too fast. ¬†

COLUMBIA ZOO and TEMPLE DAY! ¬†This was one of the best days at our favorite…the koalas! ¬†Cutest little guys ever! ¬†ImageImageImage

And these cuties mean everything to me!ImageImageImage



Sunday is a special day.  We took time after our BEST PIZZA WE HAVE EVER MADE THUS FAR, to go and explore the Antler Hill at the Biltmore Estate.  We were so lucky to receive a wonderful gift from Aunt Sue and Graham for my birthday, an annual pass to  Biltmore Estate and it was a great little afternoon activity.  




I love these littles and my handsome husband!  They mean the world to me.  



April 14-20



Helping mama clean.




Time with my girl.


Her new thing… crushing crackers instead of eating them.ImageImageImageImageImage



SELFIE…and new hair do to help me not be bored with growing it out haha.Image



HAPPY EASTER!!! ¬†Pretty sure that these little stinkers got more for Easter than they did for Christmas…mostly due to financial circumstances, but they definitely got spoiled. ¬†The Easter bunny came after naps on Saturday so that we could enjoy the toys on Saturday. ¬†


Showing off his new bow tie that Aunt Shandi made.   ImageImageImage



EASTER MORNING, handsome kids ready for Church.  Image

We made 3 dozen deviled eggs for our Easter dinner with lots of friend hosted at Kendall and Hannah Andersen’s house. ¬†And we had an incredible time! ¬† You will see ūüôā



Happy Easter Week!