All day, erry day.


You know those times when life seems too overwhelming, when you don’t get enough sleep, when you feel like day-to-day things seem like a HUGE LOAD that you can’t get off your back, when you want to be happy, but the happiness doesn’t really come? You think that {multiple} spoonfuls of Nutella will make it all better, but it doesn’t.

I have been having one of those weeks. I don’t know what it is. And it sucks…Then you get word that a remarkable man, a father/husband of a friend dies, and your heart gets even more sad.

And then you don’t have anyone to spend the 4th of July with, and the people you made plans with show up late, and you feel like it is a waste of a day. You feel like all you want to do is go home and celebrate the 4th with your family. Or at least, have your husband there to celebrate it with.

The nights before there wasn’t enough hours to sleep. You want to stay up and spend time with your husband, but your eyes are so tired, that they twitch {for a week straight}.

Then comes NAP TIME on the 4th. You put them down around 1:15. Both kids go to sleep quickly. You worked hard all week {when you could} to get the things done that you needed to so that you could relax on Friday. You finish up the last few things. You turn on a 8 minute 27 second meditation and within the first 3 minutes you fall fast asleep. HELL YEAH!

You wake up with your {oldest} child YELLING at you at 2:45 and you think {grumpily, because he just woke you up} “Really? Is he REALLY yelling at me?” And, “Really? It has only been an hour and a half!!” You go give him a drink and tell him to lay back down. He actually does so.

It is 4:17 and you have been able to relax, read a magazine, kick your feet up, write a blog post, and suddenly, the world seems much brighter and suddenly you feel like you can make it through another day. AND… another day=THE WEEKEND! Can I get another HELL YEAH?!?

OK, that is all for now! Happy 4th of July!


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