May 5-11




Happy Mother’s Day to me! 🙂  

Greenville Zoo with Megan and Lizzie.  So much fun, we wore them right out.  



Tired babies.  



Grammy and PopPop came into town for the weekend and we LOVED taking them to Play & Learn with us!  After that, we went to the Nature Center to see our animal friends and play at the park.  We loved it.  Then, it was swimming time at Aunt SueSue’s pool. 




The next day, Johanna and the kids flew in, but it was first to Great Clips for the boys haircuts. Then we were off to Biltmore for a BEAUTIFUL day together.  It was an AMAZING opportunity and I can’t wait to go back again and have a REAL tour.  I look at that building and I just wish I could go back in time and see that place in action.  It is pretty amazing!  Anyone who wants to come and visit, you can get discounted tickets and I will gladly go again! 🙂  We go at least once a month because it is just so amazing.  



Then it was back to SueSue’s house for a rain shower and dinner.  The kids LOVED playing in the rain.  




The next day, we took some time to go to Chimney Rock area, but since it was rainy, we didn’t get to see much.  It was a beautiful morning to skip rocks at Lake Lure.  




Mother’s Day called for wearing my mama’s class ring and my Grandma’s earrings.  Miss those women each day!  Grateful to have Grandma Marble as an angel friend watching over us out here in NC.  


Love her smile.



I think it is safe to say that all kids, {including the pups} were tuckered out by the end of the weekend.



And that was that.  It was a wonderful week!  Watch for more updates soon!




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