April 28-May 4




I went upstairs to put Desi down for a nap and left Bekkett watching a show downstairs.  I came down and found the man like this.  This NEVER happens… I can count on one hand, the times that he has fallen asleep outside his room(not counting in the car).  He must have been TUCKERED OUT!





This girl LOVED this spot.  She would go to this spot every day during her smoothie/milk drinking.  She is so cute.  




The park with Lizzie and Megan.  ImageImageImageImage

Saturday morning we went Yard Sale-ing and it was a success.  The youth had a carnival fundraiser for camps and after that, we headed to the Tourists Baseball game with the Soliai family for the evening.  It was quite delightful.  


Desi hammed it up as soon as she saw that I was taking photos.  


Uncle Fotu bought Bekkett a snowie and he loved his blue tongue afterwards.  



Gosh, I love that family!  They have been such an incredible blessing to us this year!



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