April 21-27


Happy Birthday to US:  



Me, Christi, and Vanessa.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!



You know Desi has been in our bathroom when….


Bekkett’s invention with his cute toys.  And look at that smile. 



I love sorting socks.  NOT!


We love playing outside.  



Then after baths, we went into Desi’s room and recorded her trying to walk.  She is growing up too fast.  

COLUMBIA ZOO and TEMPLE DAY!  This was one of the best days at our favorite…the koalas!  Cutest little guys ever!  ImageImageImage

And these cuties mean everything to me!ImageImageImage



Sunday is a special day.  We took time after our BEST PIZZA WE HAVE EVER MADE THUS FAR, to go and explore the Antler Hill at the Biltmore Estate.  We were so lucky to receive a wonderful gift from Aunt Sue and Graham for my birthday, an annual pass to  Biltmore Estate and it was a great little afternoon activity.  




I love these littles and my handsome husband!  They mean the world to me.  




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