Angel Friends.


Life is incredible.  Some experiences happen that make me sit down and write and tonight was one of them.  As I was getting ready to feed Desi before bed, we just took our sweet time, and as I wrapped her up in her usual wrap {right arm out of swaddle, left arm in}, we sat down in the chair, I got her bottle situated, as I started singing {I don’t even remember what song}, and I look up.  Across from me is the lamp that we bought at Grandma and Grandpa’s estate sale and as I laid back and closed my eyes, it was like I was young again, sitting in their living room.  I could smell the smells, I could hear Grandma’s voice, I could see Grandpa’s smile and hear his laugh.  As I breathed in and out slowly, I missed them so much it hurt, but for only a moment, when suddenly a peace and quiet rushed over me and all was well.  

Soon, Desi was done eating and as tears were streaming down my face, I looked into her eyes and she started talking to me.  Then many thoughts started rushing through my mind, how grateful I am she is mine, how lucky we are that she is here with us, safe and healthy, and I here with her and Bekkett and Greg, how amazing it is that we have had a normal week, how a week ago, tomorrow, we were in a crazy accident that ended up ok in the end, and then…HOW LUCKY WE ARE TO HAVE SUCH AMAZING ANGELS AROUND US.  My heart was at peace, for I knew they were round about us, even at that moment.  My heart was full.  And so were my eyes.  

I let Des talk to me and tell me everything.  Her eyes were heavy.  Not long after, Bekkett called me in.  “Lay dawn a me.”  OK, you bet I will.  He has me lay on his arm and he kisses my forehead as I lay my head down.  “Mommy cryin?”  “Yeah, a little.”  He lifts his head up.  “A little??”, with a little giggle.  I said, “Bekkett, you know there are angels around us?” and he says, “YEAH!” {Like, “Duh, mom!”}  “Do you get to see angels often?”  He shakes his head, “No, not Jesus.”  “But, do you get to see Uncle Paul” He nods his head immediately.  “What about Grandma and Grandpa Marble?” {Who he never met on this earth}.  He immediately nods his head. “Aunt Shelley?”  {Who he also never met.} “Yup!” again, immediately…no hesitation.  “Yup, you have some pretty great angels!”  “YUP!”  I giggle, and cry more.  

My heart is full.  I don’t know why I got to have this experience.  It is one I will not soon forget and I will hold it dear in my heart FOREVER!  I am grateful for our angel friends and I am grateful they feel welcome in my home.  



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