Desi’s Birthday Week April 7-13.




The last morning that Grammy and PopPop were in town, it was pouring rain, so we decided to go to the PlayLodge.  It was a new experience for us and we all loved it.  Desi and Bekkett were LOVING the slides!  And of course, Des needed to have a baby doll with her at all times 🙂


Bekkett loves Desis’ baby dolls and new toys probably more than Des does.  He was riding around on her “bike” and he was carrying her baby dolls and would try and make them ride the bike with him.  It was pretty darling.









My precious kiddos!  The first couple are of Desi snuggling stuffed animals at Play & Learn and the rest are of them both playing so cute together!




Desi’s {ACTUAL} birthday!  I can’t get over these pictures!  She is getting TOO big, TOO fast!  I am so grateful for that little nugget and I feel lucky every single day to have her as mine!  She seriously brings me so much joy.  Her cute little smile, her giggle and laugh, her following me around, how much she loves her brother and daddy,  her whine at daddy any time he comes home from work and walks past her…she is the cutest girl in the world, in my book, and this mama couldn’t be more grateful!  I LOVE YOU DESI RAE!


Desi AND Bekkett LOVED the cake and ice cream!  I bet you couldn’t tell! 😉




And a beautiful Saturday hike to Triple Falls.  It was seriously gorgeous {as you will soon see.}




And a beautiful Sunday, followed by the last she-bang for Desi’s birthday at Aunt SueSue and Graham’s house.  So much fun and an AMAZING week to celebrate 1 full year of life!  A-MAZING!



I think it is safe to say that she likes cake 😉




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