Growing pains.


It seems that as my kids get older, sometimes those growing pains are harder on me, as a mama, than they are on my kiddos.  We have really been wanting to get Bekkett a big boy bed for about 6 months now.  Oftentimes he would want Greg or myself to lay down by him while we said prayers or sang songs and in a toddler bed, that is quite difficult to do.  So, we have been saving, but we haven’t seen anything that either of us really love for a price that we wanted to pay.  

The other day, Greg found an AMAZING website called Ana White.  She has hundreds of DIY projects posted to her website and they are SO EASY to follow.  If you have any kind of project {from building a bed, to a birdhouse to a treehouse, benches, chairs, etc.} you should check out her site!  

ANYWAYS, we found on her site a bed that we loved and here is the process of it all coming together.  Image

Our 2 big “helpers” 🙂  



And here is how it turned out finished:  ImageImage

Desi promptly climbed up onto brother’s bed and snuggled right in.  

You can’t really see it very well, but the whole base is just cubbies to store things.  We have put some books in there, for now, but we need to find some storage bins to put some toys in, etc.  But, Bekkett LOVES his big boy bed and he said he slept so well last night.  It was so nice to be able to go in and lay on his bed with him while putting him down for his naps today.  

Last night, my little mommy heart was just aching a little and I kept worrying if he was going to roll off of the bed, if he was going to be ok.  I then thought of these worryings as something so small and simple and looked into the future when my mommy heart would worry about much bigger things.  I was grateful for the simplicity of just walking into his room, pulling his covers back over his shoulders and giving him a kiss on the forehead as he slept.  Just that small act calmed my mommy heart and I slept well, as he did, last night.  

Greg took down Desi’s crib today and we put her down for naps in the toddler bed.  It is hard to believe that my baby girl is old enough to sleep in a toddler bed.  Luckily she was super tired from church and she went to sleep so fast and easy.  We didn’t hear anything from her after I laid her down, so I wanted to go and see how she was doing…here is a shot of my precious big girl.  


Where does the time go??  Sometimes my heart hurts a little because I don’t think it is fair how fast my littles have grown, already.  But I am grateful, some days more than others, that we are in this stage of life and most of the challenges we meet each day are pretty trivial.  I know that it will get harder, but I will rejoice in the little things, especially these 2 sweet things in my life!  SO BLESSED!



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