Such a simple thing, yet it can be so complex!  What a blessing.  I have 3 little snippets of JOY that have to do with prayer today.  

#1:  Last night, while we were sitting down for dinner, Greg asked Bekkett if he would help him say the prayer.  Bekkett nodded in agreement and then as Greg started prompting him, Bekkett said, “No, I do it self!”.  He then proceeded with this sweet simple prayer, “Heavenly Fadder, In the name of Je-Christ, Amen.”  The simplest, yet sweetest prayer I have ever heard.  We were all smiles and I may have gotten a little teary eyed.  I was so proud of my little man!  SO CUTE!  

#2:  Last week, my friend Megan gave a great lesson on prayer and it gave me an all new desire to speak WITH my Heavenly Father.  Which brings me to my next point.

#3:  I had the privilege of teaching with the missionaries today.  YES, we got Sisters in our ward and I am already LOVING it!  Such a beautiful opportunity for me to get involved in missionary service.  Anyways, the investigator we taught today is getting baptized within the next month or so, and she is GOLDEN!  But, she expressed how there are so many things that have happened in her life, especially since she started investigating the church, where she knows that God is talking to her.  {Which is the reason why I put in point #2 that I gave me an all new desire to speak WITH God.}  As she spoke today, I was so impressed with her relationship with our Heavenly Father and it made me want to have a closer relationship with Him, too.  

Which brings me back to prayer.  Such a simple thing, yet SO COMPLEX.  I am excited for the coming weeks as I implement it more fully in my own personal life.  

Life’s Lessons.



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