March 17-23.




Bekkett scaling the window.  He has got some skill!


They kind of love watching movies together.  


“Ma, what is this string for?”


Yes, we are in THAT phase.  





I know this is a SUPER RANDOM insert into my blog, but I HAD to put this one in for keeps, forever and ever!  This is probably my FAVORITE picture of my daddio that has ever been taken.  He just brings light into every room and he makes me want to be a better person.  His smile is contagious and he is faith, hope, and LOVE!  I am so grateful for him and I didn’t want this photo to get lost anywhere.  



And another BEAUTIFUL day with my darlings!  We would take time after naps to sit on the front porch and watch birds.  One day Bekkett got to do it, and the next day, Desi got the chance.  We LOVE this outside weather! 🙂



Playing on the front lawn is our favorite!  BESIDES Saturdays OFF of work, hikes, and pizza picnics in the backyard.  





And that is our happy week of March 17-23.




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