FL Day #7: Magic Kingdom again…



I am so sad we didn’t take more pictures on this day.  It was not to be forgotten.  We LOVED the food suggested by Lille at Gaston’s Tavern…especially the LaFou’s brew.  The kiddos were SO TIRED by this day, that they both FINALLY fell asleep in the stroller {which I don’t think happened for more than 10 minutes in the whole week.}  All Bekkett wanted to do was go play at the park, so what did we do?  Left the park early, picked up stuff to make spaghetti at the condo, and went home for Bekkett to play at the park.  We all were SO EXHAUSTED, but the trip will NEVER be forgotten.  These memories will last forever and I am so grateful for my mom and dad who so willingly gave in order for us to have such an amazing experience!  SO GRATEFUL!







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