FL Day #3: Magic Kingdom





Can I even express to you how excited we were to be at Disneyworld?  I dare say, I can not!  Bekkett rode in the big 15 passenger van with Gram and Gramp, Jessica’s family, and Shandi’s family and we were so excited to see how he was reacting to all of this… being with family and FINALLY being at Disney World!  The first thing he showed us when he got out of the van was THIS…



Jessica had drawn mustaches on the kids fingers and he had never done it before, until now.  He ran up to us and said, “Mom, Dad, look.”  And put his finger up to his lip.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing he has ever done {maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration}.








And the Tram Ride to the Magic Kingdom.  Image


And walking into Disney World and seeing the amazing castle was so magical!  There is so much for kiddos to look at, especially when it is their first time! 🙂


Our very first ride was Prince Charming’s Carousel.  {Get ready for the picture overload! That is what this trip is all about!}ImageImageImageImageImageImage

And then we got to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too.  Bekkett LOVED them!ImageImage

You know how there are hidden Mickie’s everywhere??  Well, Bekkett even ate a hidden Mickie into his apple.  Do you see it?Image

I am surprised that Bekkett is smiling in this photo, because he cried on every ride! 🙂  Image

Nikayla and Bekkett had been talking about going on Dumbo together for months and their dream finally got to come true.  ImageImage

Do you see Eric’s awesome get up?  Be sure to check out his outfit in the last photo on this post.  It is AWESOME!

And Bekkett was START STRUCK when he got to meet Buzz Lightyear!  Look at his cute face in this photo.  Image

We met up with Mom and Dad to save places for the light parade, the night show, etc.  It was awesome!  Greg and I went and got dinner for us all.  And of course the food there is AMAZING.  Greg got a smoked turkey leg {surprise} and I got BBQ pork sandwich with Bekkett and Des got boring food.  But we also got a delicious lemonade slush.  YUMMO! ImageImageImageImageImage

To wrap up our first day…one word… MAGICAL!  And all because we got to spend it in the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH with THIS bunch.


More to come soon!



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