Norwex Conference.


As I tried to decide whether or not I should go to Leadership Conference in Dallas, I was so apprehensive because we were so tight financially that I didn’t know if I should go.  I am SO GRATEFUL, in EVERY way that I decided to go.  Ever since then, my Norwex business has been doing so much better.  

Not only that, I feel like my parenting skills were… let’s say, TIRED.  I think, in a big way, that Bekkett and I just needed a little break, and so many things since then have been SO much better.  This weekend in Dallas was a huge blessing in so many ways!

Here are some highlights from my trip:Image
Here is a picture of the big plane for my little man Bekkett.Image
Some of our freebies from Norwex Corporate office.Image
We got to tour the Norwex distribution center in Dallas and it was pretty awesome.  They have this “living wall” full of ferns and philodendrons.  They say that these two plants purify air and I REALLY want a living wall in my home one day! Image
They announced a FAST, FUN, and FREE February and here are all of the startup packages ready to ship.  Then the CEO of America, Canada, and our own Debbie Bolton were there to call us to help them recruit.  It was quite entertaining!  We love them!Image
One of the nights, we went to this restaurant, {cannot remember the name for the life of me, and I HATE that}.  But, it was SO good!  Also, there was a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM right around the corner, and I HAD to have one.  I remembered my friend Erica Naegle always posting pictures of this place…DELICIOUS and FUN!  Couldn’t help but go and get one before dinner.  ImageImage
Look at that Fresh Veggie Bowl!  Image
And Jessica’s nasty drink.

I “mustache” you a question.

All of the lovely ladies on our team.  Such a great weekend!  {My mohawk looks huge.}



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