Some Health Goals.


I don’t know why, but it seems like whenever I make some of my health and fitness goals public, then I hold to them better and I am more successful.  So here are my goals for now…they will get more complex, but I need them to be simple for now.  

1: 1 bite of sugar per day:  Record it in my planner when I take the bite.  NO CHEATING or else I will cheat every day.  {This is sugar, like TREATS sugar.  I am not taking all sugar out of my diet.}  Why?  Because this makes me THINK about what I am putting into my mouth.  If I have a chance to eat a bite of cake or a bite of cookie at the end of the day, I can pass up a lemon head or swedish fish at the beginning of the day 🙂

2: Fruits/Veggies:  2 Fruits and 3-4 Veggies every day.  Record in planner.  

I am asking my husband to no longer buy treats, until I get my will power under control.  {OR if he does buy them, don’t tell me, and hide them somewhere that I will never find them.}

So, there you go.  I am trying to find a race to train for so that I can really get this going.  I will keep you updated.  



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