First week of February.



The first week of February, Greg went on the trail for about 5 days.  The Saturday night before the SuperBowl, Bekkett was up ALL NIGHT screaming and crying for daddy and then that morning, he ended up telling me that his ear had been hurting.  After a LONG sleepless night for Bekkett, and mommy, and even for Desi for a while, too, I didn’t know what to do.  I had to teach Young Women’s, so Aunt Sue took Bekkett for the day, so here are the pictures from his day.  As soon as we got some Tylenol in him, he was MUCH better, got a little bit of rest, and after a few days of mild fever, he was good as new.  


Cutest boy.  i was so glad to have him feeling better.ImageImage

Happy Birthday Uncle Paul.  We wrote letters and sent them up with balloons for Uncle Pauly.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Mr. blow drying his hair.  


My cutest kids!  


Mama ready for Dallas for Norwex Leadership conference.  Definitely a much needed time away, as well as what I needed to keep my business going.




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