Christmas Shenanigans.





OK, so I know I am about a month late, but better late than never, right?  I just wanted to go through December and share some of our Christmas highlights, so that y’all can see what a wonderful holiday we had.  We were truly blessed and can’t express how grateful we are to our Heavenly Father for the blessings and miracles that He continually shows us, on a daily basis.  

First of all, as soon as Greg got off of the trail for his last shift, Christmas began.  Our elf, Athab, showed up and got into some shenanigans and Bekkett loved it.  

This is Athab rappelling so that he could decorate the kids doors to look like snowmen.   

The first weekend in December, we went down to the temple so that I could help in the baptistry while the youth did baptisms for the dead and then we were going to go to the Riverbanks Zoo while we were there.  Bekkett was so excited to go to the zoo, and then it got super cold and started pouring rain right as it was time to go.  So, Athab brought the zoo to our house, instead.

Desi also loved destroying the zoo.  {Surprise!}


One of the days, we took time to make our gingerbread houses.


Athab came to worship the baby Jesus, as well.


Of course, The Grinch was a LARGE part of our holiday! 🙂  Bekkett loves The Grinch almost as much as I do!  One thing that is funny is that Bekkett hasn’t really loved brushing his teeth, but during Christmas, I asked him if he would like the grinch to help him brush his teeth and he has brushed pretty much every day since then.  Today, he even let me brush his teeth without the grinch there.  It is so funny what kids will do.


Homemade divinity and pecan roll.  YUM!  Need I say more?



There was a HUGE light show at the WNC fairgrounds, but it was $20 PER CAR!  Outrageous!  So, we decided to go with a smaller one at Lake Julian(right by our house) and we loved it!  $5 per car and I think we went around it 3 times, or so.  


Grove Park Inn hosts the National Gingerbread competition every year and it is one of the most amazing buildings I have ever been in.  The architecture is just rustic and beautiful and I think I said, “My mom and dad would DIE if they saw this place”, probably 10 times!  The hearth was as tall as I was, the rocks were 3-4 feet tall, and everything about it was glamorous!  Such a fun experience for our little family!



This was the winning “gingerbread house.”  It was pretty amazing, but I won’t lie, I thought that there were better ones that were actually a HOUSE and Christmas themed.  Nonetheless, it was pretty cute.

The opening of THIS fire, was at least as tall as me, and probably 10 feet wide.  That wreath was probably 6-7 feet wide.  It was incredible!


I know Desi looks like a homeless child in that outfit….good thing she is adorable! 😉  Such a fun night as a family.  I think that was on the 23rd.  All of our activities we did as a family will be forever remembered by our first Christmas away from home.  My heart just overflows as I go through these pictures all over again.  I am so grateful for my little family and how they are my WORLD!  I am so blessed to call them mine!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!




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