Very rarely do I take naps.  No matter how tired I am, there is always just something else to be done, i.e. Norwex stuff, working one of my other 3 jobs from home, crafting(rarely), etc.  So, I just don’t do it.  Sunday, Greg and I decided to lay down for a nap just after the kids went down.  I was STOKED, because not only do I rarely take naps on week days, Greg doesn’t usually like taking naps, so we hardly ever lay down for naps on weekends either.  Needless to say, I was super excited.

I was sleeping really well when all of a sudden, I heard Bekket.  I looked at the clock and he hadn’t even slept an hour.  Immediately, 100 things started running through my head, “He needs to sleep.  He isn’t feeling well.  He better not wake up Des.  All I wanted was a long winter’s nap today.  WHY?…..”  So of course, when I went into his room, I put him back down, tucked him in and told him to go back to sleep.  

I just got settled back into bed and I hear him again, LOUD AND CLEAR this time.  I walked in and he knew I was fuming(unfortunately), but for the most part, I just didn’t want him to wake up Des.  So, as he was crying, I finally just decided to snuggle him up and rock him to try and calm him down.  He quickly calmed down and by then I was already awake.  Even though I thought he needed more sleep, I just decided that it could be some good one-on-one time, so I picked him up and we went downstairs to snuggle on the lovesac and watch The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh together.  Shortly after we got snuggled in, daddy joined us.  He said he was getting jealous of us, so he came and joined.  

We watched Pooh together, but in the middle, Bekkett needed a drink, so we all went into the kitchen and prepared a tea party.  Tea of choice: egg nog.  Crumpets: ritz crackers.  Cut up summer sausage and cheese to put on our “crumpets.”  It was quite the delightful tea party.  What a flipping cute boy.  

Speaking of tea parties, we were at the gym the other day and when I went to pick the kids up from the day care, Bekkett was wearing a pink, velvet ballerina dress.  The ladies told me that he and some of the other boys were having a tea party together.  SO CUTE!  Yesterday I went to pick him up again, and once again, he had on the pink ballerina dress.  What a cute little stink.  

Anyways, so the point of this post is that sometimes(or rarely) things go according to plan, or are ideal, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t choose to make a good thing out of it.  It is most definitely a decision, and a hard  one, most days, but life is so much more enjoyable when I choose to find JOY, instead of being ornery that Bekkett woke me up from my nap! 😉



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