Growing love.


I am grateful for days like today.  I woke up grumpy…i won’t lie.  I didn’t feel great, Des woke up early, Bekkett woke up early, and I was grumpy.  As I sat there waiting to go get Bekkett, I said to myself, “It is YOUR CHOICE whether today is going to be GREAT or miserable.”  And that was it.  I told Greg we weren’t going to the gym because I didn’t feel great, but as the kids and I were playing blocks together, I asked Bekkett if he wanted to go {of course he did} and that was that.  

We went to the gym and as soon as we walked out, the weather was BEAUTIFUL.  Bekkett has been asking to go to the park for a while now and so we decided to go.  Desi was SO tired, so she fell asleep on the way there.  Unbelievably, there were not other kids at the playground today.  So, we left the car parked close to us, rolled down the windows, and Bekkett and I ran around the playground, up and down the ladders, down the slides, across the monkey bars, playing tag, and just enjoying ourselves.  

We came home and had lunch, played more blocks, and then Bekkett was pooped.  We cleaned up his toys and I had planned to go and clean up the toys in Desi’s room, but he turned off the light and walked over to his bed and laid down.  He was SO ready for nap.  We spent extra time singing songs because sis was just playing around on the ground and so content.  As we sang, he held my hand and just watched me.  I watched his cute, little, tired yet perfect lips sing “I Am a Child of God”, “I love to see the temple”, “moon” {Skiddamarink}, and others.  My heart grew.

I got ready as Desi kept playing and then I got her bottle ready to go and snuggle her.  She drank her bottle and I gave her her binky.  As she sucked on her paci, she looked up into my eyes, and with her tiny little hand, she grabbed my cheek in her hand and she just looked into my eyes and smiled.  Smiled so big that the suction of her tongue came undone from her paci and it fell out.  She kept smiling at me and her eyes never left mine.  It seemed like our souls were connected at once and I could feel her love for me.  Although she has no ability to describe it, she showed me how much she loves me today.  

I am especially grateful for the CHOICE I made this morning to MAKE TODAY A GREAT DAY, or I probably wouldn’t have had these precious experiences with my two precious babies!  I love them more than my words will ever be able to express!  




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