Christmas time.


This Christmas season has been so much fun!  Bekkett has been so cute, as we have seen Christmas lights, trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, etc.  But what steals my heart every single time is when he sees Baby Jesus in different nativities around town, and as he recognizes Jesus in grown up pictures, and still calls Him “Baby Jesus.”  He understands the important of Christ in our lives and it has been a huge blessing to witness it.  

Today, during naps, I was working, but as I was scanning FB (while my slow computer was thinking), I found THIS video.  I know it is 5 minutes, but just take a watch and see how you feel.  

My heart brimmed full and tears came to my eyes as I saw Mary holding Jesus.  At the time that the wise men found Jesus, He was no longer a baby, but He reminded me of my little boy.  I thought to myself, “How did Mary feel, being the mother of Jesus Christ?  Did she feel the same feelings of inadequacy as I do?”  I can’t imagine being Mary, but now, as a mother, it reminds me of one VERY important truth that I should remind myself each day.  My children are a son and a daughter of our Heavenly Father and Mother.

In the midst of the craziness of life, trying to teach them truth, how to choose the right, to stand up for good, to be nice, to share, and as I get so frustrated in small moments, I need to remind myself that they are each a special spirit son and daughter of Heavenly Father and I must always treat them as such.  

It is amazing how much the Christmas story comes to life and becomes real to me, being a mom.  My testimony has grown each day of this holiday season of the Christmas story and the meaning it has in my life gets deeper each day that I ponder it.  I am grateful that the Spirit has the ability to testify to my heart and help my belief and testimony grow stronger in each day.  

Although sometimes I complain about certain circumstances, I am so blessed!  I should never complain!



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