This morning, I let the kids play in Desi’s room with mega blocks while I was getting ready for the day.  As I was standing at the mirror, I was thinking about what I am grateful for today.  

I could hear the kids playing in the other room and my mind wandered back to the time when Bekkett was NOT a fan of Desi.  It was a hard transition for him to go from the center of our world to sharing the center of our world.  I thought to myself, “I am so grateful that Bekkett loves Desi and that Desi loves Bekkett.”  She lights up every single time brother walks into the room and just laughs at him all of the time!  He can’t wait until sissy is up every morning and awake from nap times.  They just have the cutest little connection and for that I am so grateful.  

At that moment, it was rather quiet in Desi’s room, so I snuck in to see what was going on.  This is what I found and tears started streaming.



Is that not the cutest picture ever.  He just kept snuggling her and getting toys for her and then I watched him carefully help her onto her tummy to start playing again.  Up to this point of mommy-hood, I think this one experience has made my heart sing more than any other, aside from the births of both children, and the tears that came to me the first time Bekkett walked.  

There are times every single day that I feel so grateful for my kids, and today it has happened over and over again!  I truly am the luckiest!



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