Uncomfortable shoes.


I used to laugh at people when they would say that they were so grateful for their trials.  I would always think to myself, “WHATEVER!  Not possible.”

Although this move to North Carolina has brought its share of tremendous blessings, days like today, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the challenges it has brought as well.  It is not easy being a single mom 8 days of 14.  I have thought a lot about how grateful I am that I am really NOT a single mom, and that at least I don’t have to work for my family’s income AS WELL as raise my children {raising children is hard enough}.

I was talking to a friend this morning and this is a direct quote that totally stuck out to me, “Although sometimes we have to walk in uncomfortable shoes, those shoes might just be taking us to where we are truly supposed to be.”  That really stuck out to me.

As Greg and I have chatted about life, we both know that we are supposed to be out here in North Carolina.  At times we have worn uncomfortable shoes in the past 6 months, but without those uncomfortable shoes, I don’t think we would know where to go next.

If we were still in Logan, he would probably still be {miserably} working at ThermoFisher, feeling STUCK and not really knowing where to go.  At least out here, he has gained experience in a new field, and now has aspirations to go back to school and get a Masters {not knowing in what, yet}, but at least we know we will be applying soon.  And in the meantime, we will work and continue, one step in front of the other, cause that is what we do.

Ostler family motto: “{We} can do hard things”, even if sometimes it is really uncomfortable.



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