Listen and obey.


Ironically enough, I had planned to sit down and write my “Bekkett” post today, but let’s just say that it hasn’t been the best day in the parenting field for me.  It seems as though Bekkett has pushed every one of my buttons over and over and over again today, so I think I will wait to write his post for another day {let’s pray tomorrow will be better for us}.  

But, I have been thinking a lot.  I have been reading parenting books, I have tried to make changes and it still seems that no matter how consistent I am in the changes I have made, the only thing TRULY consistent is that some days are good and some days are bad.  

Mom text me today to see how I was doing and I said, “I have had better days.  But then again, I have also had worse, so I can’t complain too much.”  She asked what was up and I told her that Bekkett had been being really obstinate and would do everything I asked him not to do, and refused to do anything that I asked him to do.  I just told her that I am still trying to figure out how to parent him and trying not to lose my cool.  

Here is where the wise words of my mother come in {seems that she always has the right answers}:  “Listen to the still small voice.  Maybe he needs a huge hug, a long tickle, or a swift kick in the butt, or a combo.  Listen.  I love you.”  Just as I read that, it made me realize that all of the parenting books in the world won’t teach me as much as the Spirit can if I just listen and obey {the two things I repeat over and over again to Bekkett every day}.  

Am I listening and obeying?  Do I do all that I am asked, WHEN ASKED, by my Father?  Do I ask for my Heavenly Parents help in ALL things?  This experience gave me so much perspective of how my Heavenly Parents feel about me sometimes.  I am sure they look down at times and wonder, “Why is she being so obstinate?  Why won’t she just do what We ask her to do?”  

It also reminds me of something that Greg and I heard last week.  I don’t remember where {I will have to ask Greg when he gets off of the trail}, but the gist of it was that our Heavenly Father is our friend!  Just like I love Bekkett and Desi SO MUCH, I would NEVER want anything bad to happen to them, but sometimes bad things happen to them, out of my control.  I want Bekkett and Desi to be my friends so badly, but I am first and foremost their parent and I want the best for them.  

Likewise, Heavenly Father and Mother LOVE US and WANT THE BEST FOR US.  They will not FORCE people to do/not do certain things.  In consequence, sometimes bad things happen to good people.  It doesn’t mean They love us any less, it doesn’t mean They don’t exist, and it doesn’t mean that I should ever turn to God and ask, “WHY ME?”  Chances are, He didn’t choose for things to happen to me.  BUT, I can react in a way that brings me closer to Them, and that is MY choice.  

A friend posted this on Facebook today and it rang true to me.  “The work of devils and of darkness is never more certain to be defeated than when men and women, not finding it easy or pleasant but still determined to do the Father’s will, look out upon their lives from which it may seem every trace of God has vanished, and asking why they have been so forsaken, still bow their heads and obey.” [Paraphrased from C. S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., 1961), p. 39]

Last week in YW, we were learning about patience.  We spoke of Job and of how he went through hell, and he could have forsaken God, yet he CHOSE to remain faithful.  I know I have not even taken the slightest tip toe measurement into the trials that Job had to endure, but I still have the choice of whether I will remain strong and obey, at all times.  

Becoming a parent has sure shown me much perspective on how my Heavenly Parents feel.  And as I CHOOSE to listen and obey, I pray that I will have the ability to help encourage Bekkett and Desi how to do the same.  This parenting thing sure isn’t easy, but it will all be worth it someday.  




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