My Desi girl.



The other day we were at the park and I was holding my Des girl and my heart just overflowed at how grateful I was to have this girl in my life.  She is such a special and happy girl.  She is so content and rarely whines or cries, except when she is hungry or ready for a nap.  She loves attention and gets super excited if you turn and look at her and play with her. She loves to smile at you.  She LOVES her brother and loves to play cars and trains and animals with him.  She is just a petite little thing, but the doctor says that she has great growth for her age.  She has been learning to eat solids and so far has eaten carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, strawberries, mango, and rice, of course.  She is a REALLY good eater and doesn’t make too big of a mess.  She still wakes up one time at night, but I just think it is because she is so petite.  She loves to walk in her walker and jump in {her} jumperoo(the one we borrowed from a dear friend and her jumperoo at Aunt SueSue’s).  She loves to make noises with her spit.  She is rolling around like crazy and gets up on her hands and knees, but no crawling yet,,and I am OK with that.  She sits up unsupported, but she just hasn’t figured out how to let herself down on her stomach slowly, so she usually just plops over onto her belly and usually face plants it into the carpet.  It is pretty funny to watch.  Luckily it doesn’t hurt her too much {or at least she doesn’t cry, so hopefully it doesn’t hurt her}.  I just love her to death.

I don’t know that hers and my relationship has changed much…she was only 6 weeks old when we made the move, but each day, we begin with lots of cooing in the crib, a super happy girl and we end the day with snuggles and loves before she falls fast asleep {usually}.  I have been blessed with the cutest, happiest, most content baby I know, and I am so grateful for her!

Here are some photo updates:








She has won my heart, just like her daddy and brother!  I AM THE LUCKIEST!!!



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