UTAH: Part 2.


OK, back to Utah.  Most of what we did in Utah was PLAY and RELAX with lots of family and cousins around.  We loved it.

We bathed in Gram’s BIG tub:

We rode Nibley(which is something we have been wanting to do for MONTHS):

I think Bekkett we all loved every second with the horses.  It was so much fun to see Bekkett get to ride Nibley.  He asked Gram and Gramp, or daddy, to go see the horses about 20x a day{or more}.  And everyone loved it.  Next time you see Bekkett, ask him what a horsey says…I dare you to not laugh.  It is the stinkin cutest thing you have ever heard.

We rode in the wagon… a LOT:

The cousins just could NOT get enough of Bekkett and Desi.  Nikayla kept telling Bekkett to sit in the wagon, and even though Bekkett is about 4 inches taller than her and probably 10 pounds heavier, and could beat her up, he just did what she said and they had a blast!

We made silly pumpkins:

We snuggled a lot{not enough pictures to show all of our snuggles}:

And became a big girl…

We got our hair done{Bekkett hated it just as much this time as he did every time before —>SUPER MELT DOWN…sorry Aunt Jess!}:

Relaxed and LOVED being HOME:

I can’t believe that I only got ONE picture of Ainsley’s blessing day…and not even a single one of Ainsley! 😦  But, here it is:

And then we had to say “see you later” to my family, once again.  It breaks my heart every time.  I see how much fun the kids have when they are together.  This time, more than ever, Bekkett got a long with all of the older kids and they all played so well together.  We haven’t found THE ONES for Bekkett to play with out here yet.  All of the friends in the ward are either older and expect him to act his size {like a 4 year old}, or they are too young and he tramples them over.  I guess I just have to count my blessings and be grateful for the times that Bekkett DOES get to play with cousins.  Those times are truly priceless and I will hold them forever in my heart.

We were in SL and I got this text from Jessica: “Deag was so cute when he was saying the prayer last night.  He cried so hard when he prayed for you that he asked if I could finish. 😦 This morning, he wanted to know every detail of the flight…if you were having breakfast on the plane, if we could text you while you were flying…I told him you didn’t fly out until tomorrow and he looked at me like, ‘Why the heck aren’t we still playing then?’ ”  I am so grateful for my relationships with my nieces and nephews, with my brother and sisters, and my parents!  It was truly a VERY special {and much need, might I add} trip home!

Next post, Utah: Part 3 SLC.



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