UTAH: Part 1.


Well, after 4.5 months away from Utah, it was time to go visit.  In August, my mom called to see if we could come out for Ainsley’s blessing.  At that time it was scheduled for over Labor Day.  We went to work looking for flights and then the blessing got changed about 4 times, so it is a good thing that we didn’t book tickets as soon as we had the great idea.  Once the date was set, we booked tickets and anticipated our SURPRISE visit to Utah.  We didn’t want ANYONE but my parents to know {A: since we would need someone to pick us up at the airport, and B: because it was their idea}.

As the week approached, we realized there was just no way to keep it from Brent and Teresa and ended up telling them about a week and a half before we were coming out.  And, my mom told Breton and Jaime that we were coming because they had some conflicting activities.  But, NONE of the nieces and nephews knew, and neither of my sisters knew.  It was PERFECT!

We left our house at 4 AM and made the journey on the “bik pyane”.  Bekkett was in plane HEAVEN.  For weeks before the trip, we looked at the “book pyane” that Grandma gave Bekkett for Christmas, and Greg would remind B that we are going to “Eewutah” on the “bik pyane” to see Grammy and PopPop, Gram and Gramp….and all of the family.   And here are some of the best of the airplane pictures.
IMG_9824 IMG_9819 IMG_9814 IMG_9810 IMG_9808

It doesn’t matter how early we left, we got to the airport at about 5:45 and he was WIDE AWAKE until about 3 PM MST!  If you know Bekkett, he NEVER slows down!  Until I MAKE him slow down.  He was totally enthralled with the airport and the planes, and the trucks that take the luggage to the airplane, etc.  And no, he didn’t sleep on the plane.  AT ALL.  But all in all, he was so good, so I can’t complain too much.

Teresa picked us up from the airport and drove us up to Tremonton where we TOTALLY and COMPLETELY surprised both Shandi AND Jessica.  They both just squealed and started crying.  It brings tears to my eyes, even now.  It’s a good thing I like it out here…I just miss my family so much.  Wish we could snap our fingers and be closer.  It all would be so much easier, right?  Here are some cute pictures of the reunion.


This picture makes my heart SO happy!  After we moved out here, Bekkett never talked about Nikayla(I think mostly because her name is hard to say for a 2 year old), and then when Shandi and Alia came out and spent 10 days here, he got used to saying Alia’s name and he ALWAYS would ask for Alia.  When Shandi sent me this picture, it just made me want to cry because I knew that he really didn’t forget Nikayla and this picture just shows it!  I LOVE IT!


We got to meet Ainsley for the first time and she is just a doll!  I love her chunky cheeks and her cute little cry.  I really think her and Des cry a lot alike.  Every second I was able to snuggle that princess, I did.  I just loved smelling her cheeks and taking her “newborn” purity in.  {I know she really isn’t a newborn anymore, but the closest I have smelt in a long time…in case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with the smell of newborns.} IMG_9853

I came out of the room one morning to this.  Bekkett could have played on the rug for HOURS with those marbles…and the puppy…and Gram and Gramp.  He is obsessed and LOVES them all so much.

I have MUCH more I want to share, but not enough time to do it all now.  Stay tuned for part 2…and part 3…and MAYBE part 4. 😉



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