Ya gotta love getting both kids in bed before 8:00 pm on a Sunday. Looks like this calls for a bubble bath and time to shave my legs. {Yes, I have to set apart time to shave my legs, I hate it so bad!} But, before I do that, I just want to share some things that I have learned in the last week.
•Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. We can either sit down and cry(as I have done many times), or we can try and figure out what we are supposed to learn from it.
•Heavenly Father teaches me in some of the most unpredictable ways. This week it was through the Young Women’s lesson I was asked to teach about fasting. Let me tell you, my testimony of fasting has grown so much in the last week and it was just because of studying about it. I can’t wait to see what happens as I out it into action!
•He has a plan for each of us. I must be grateful for what He already has given my family and me and also be grateful for what He has in store for us.
•Gratitude, in and of itself, can change our hearts from despair and doubt, to a light and peaceful heart. May I ever show my gratitude instead of just always asking for things!
Anyways, I think that’s about it. I will write more as I think of it. But I truly am grateful for times that The Lord stretches me. It is when I am out of my comfort zone that I learn the most, and He knows that! I am glad I am realizing it too!


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