Passing time.


The last couple of evenings before G went on the trail, we made our way to Fletcher Park and enjoyed time there. All of the fall sports are underway, so we were able to walk around the walking trail, Bekkett rode his bike, and Des just enjoyed. So pretty much every night this week, we have made our way to the park. It is so nice to be in the crisp air, the smells, watch little league football, and hear the crunching leaves(one of my absolute FAVORITE things about fall).


Then last night our friend/”family out here” Jen Soliai, invited us to go to the ball park in Hendersonville to watch her boys play baseball. It was really nice to be with a family on a Friday night instead of us alone.



Love time with friends, outside. We also went for a walk with our friends Cheryl and her son Andrew the other day. A photo with the boys and their bikes.

And a couple of daily occurrences. Brother sure loves sister!


And last but not least… I will first clarify that I love being a mama to a boy. I find his toys in some of the greatest places… Most of the time, I find his Garbonzo the monkey, baby, {and/or} blanky in my bed. But once in a while, I find hot wheels. This is what I found tonight:

RandiJo and Jessica said they thought of Toy Story when the toys are looking out the window. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but LOVE that thought! I thought that I had one sweet little man putting up some guard dinos so that mama was protected while I sleep alone at night! Either way, it reminded me that I am the luckiest! And that’s all that matters!!


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