Going-On-The-Trail Eve: Take #3.


This week was full of fun, having Greg off of the trail, but to top off the week, we spent the early afternoon at the apple orchards and pumpkin patches of Hendersonville.  I have LOTS of pictures, so enjoy! 🙂
My two cheesing boys.
Bekkett has finally starting cheesing for me again and I LOVE IT!Image

Riding in the wagon.  HE LOVED riding in the wagon!  And he LOVED picking the apples off the trees and also just biting into any apple he could find.  Luckily he didn’t find any worms! 😉
LOVE this pic of G and B!
He loved testing the apples to see what kinds we wanted to pick.
I got to carry this little nugget.  She had fallen asleep on the way there and was super tired, so I just kept her in the Moby and she was so content to just snuggle.  I didn’t mind at all!
Like seriously, can you stop growing up already?!?
Bekkett, being the mischievous boy that he is, didn’t want to eat lunch with us, so he went and started hawling around the different gourds and pumpkins.  At one point, Greg said, “He isn’t my son.”  And then all of a sudden, a woman came walking over and I said, “He is YOUR son!”  So, he got up and went and took care of it.  We hadn’t even noticed how many pumpkins and gourds he had moved around while we were stuffing our faces, but the lady said, “Oh he’s allright, we just didn’t want him to get hurt.”  Haha!  RIGHT!
My cute kids are growing up WAYYYYY too fast!
You think they look alike??  Geezo peezo, Des looks like her brother!  At Grandad’s apples, we got a pumpkin for each of the kiddos and then we got a dozen apple cider donuts and an apple cider slush.  YUMMO!!!  I am so glad Greg got a dozen when he was leaving on the trail today…NOT!  Oh, so tempting!!!

The cute little girl was tuckered out by the time we left the orchards and pumpkin patches and this is how we found her when we got home…I love that her little tongue is sticking out.  She is darling, if I do say so myself!
After naps, the kids played and Greg prepared the pizza crust so that it could raise while we went to the park.
And when did she grow up?  These pictures are just freaking me out a little bit!  She is just too big!  I can’t believe how time flies!  She is still supposed to be a baby!  And this picture shows that she is NOT a baby anymore!! 😦
One lady at the park said, “Now that is the cutest baby I have EVER seen!”  Yes, ma’am, I would have to agree!

And to finish off the night, homemade pizza {Mellow Mushroom crust, half white and half wheat, for those of you that have been}, chicken and pineapple sausages, artichoke hearts, fresh basil, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, with fresh tomatoes on top.  It was DELISH!  The best that we have ever made at home, for sure!
nd now, G is on the trail for another week.  We will see what adventures we happen upon this week!  I will keep you updated!



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