Desi Rae’s Birth Story


Well, it has been 5 months and I finally feel like I can finally post her birth story.  There were times when I would read it and I didn’t feel emotionally ready to post about it.  She is such a special girl and we are so grateful for the joy she has brought into our family.  


Desi’s story

I can’t believe it has been 2 full weeks since Desi Rae was born and changed our lives, forever.  Time flies!  And I am not ok with it.  I needed to sit down and write her story before the details left me.  First of all, I want to start out at the 8 weeks pregnant part of my life.  When we were about 8 weeks pregnant, we thought I had miscarried.  The 3 weeks following were quite trying, as I was devastated that I wouldn’t be privileged to have a little miracle entering our lives April 2013.  Luckily I had Bekkett to keep me distracted and happy.  He kept me going most days.  One day, he was sitting at the counter eating lunch or dinner and the song “1000 years” by Christina Parry came on.  I looked at him feeling so lucky to at least have him, but I had an overwhelming feeling that the baby I had “lost” was a girl and that the timing just wasn’t right.  I thought, whether she just wasn’t ready to come to this earth yet, or maybe we weren’t ready to receive her, I didn’t know.  But, as we found out that I was, in fact, still pregnant, I knew we were going to be privileged to welcome a beautiful baby girl into our family.  You can read about that time HERE.

Now, to the details.  On April 10, 2013, contractions started around 3:00 PM.  In the beginning, they were only 6-7 minutes apart and then as time went on, they spread out to about 10 minutes apart.  Greg was at work and I didn’t tell him until he came home for dinner because I didn’t want him to get too excited, if they were just going to stop.  Once they stopped around 8 PM, we were pretty disappointed, but we were excited for our doctor appointment the next day. 

Doctor Olsen checked me and told me he would not be surprised if the baby came soon.  We went home to take some family pictures/maternity pictures and that is when the contractions started, 4 minutes apart.  Doctor Olsen said to come in at 4-5 minutes apart, so we called my mom to have her come and take care of Bekkett and we ended up back at the hospital before lunch. 

The process was pretty slick this time.  I had my epidural before noon, the contractions slowed down, I was put on the pit, and my body started moving.  My nurse was awesome and gave Greg and I time to ourselves, which was great.  My body went to work.  At 3:45, I was at a 6 or so and she asked if I could feel pressure on my pelvis yet, but at that time I couldn’t.  By the time she came back in about 15 minutes later, I could totally feel the pressure and she started getting the room ready for delivery.  Greg and I were talking about how we hadn’t had an ultrasound since 20 weeks and we felt like we were going to be totally surprised by what baby girl looked like, if she had hair, etc.  With Bekkett, he was always running big, so we had 2 or 3 ultrasounds in the last couple of months, so it seemed like we kind of knew what he might look like.  She checked me again and said, “Well, baby girl has hair…just for fun, give a little push… OK STOP, let’s let the doctor get up here so he can deliver the baby, since he’s the one who gets paid for it.” 

Dr. Olsen got there and he once we were ready, he said, “I bet this will be a 2 push baby.”  I pushed twice and she was here in her miraculous glory.  Her little cry was just darling as ever.  He was able to put her on my belly to have her cleaned off and for Greg to cut the cord, which they weren’t able to do with Bekkett, so that was a really special experience.  Of course, I was in love from the second I saw her and heard her cry!  She only cried for maybe 15 seconds and then from then on, she was seriously so chill, just looking around, checking out what was going on.  She was 7 lb. 10 oz. and 21 in. long…same length, only 2 whole pounds smaller than Bekkett.  Once they had her all wrapped up, etc. they brought her over to me and I was in love. 

Luckily I had her to distract me.  We ran into some complications with delivering the placenta.  For some reason, my placenta had attached to the uterine muscle (placenta accreta) and he couldn’t get it all to detach.  He ended up having to scrape my whole uterus out, like he was performing a D&C.  Then, once he finally got it all out, I was losing too much blood too fast.  They were giving me meds like crazy to try and get my blood to clot, but nothing was working.  They tried a balloon procedure that didn’t work because my uterus just contracted the balloon back out again.  It got pretty intense there for a while, but luckily my body finally reacted to the drugs and the bleeding slowed down.  Like I said, I was grateful that I had Desi Rae because it gave me something WONDERFUL to be distracted with. 

I am so grateful that I was blessed with this princess and that everything turned out fine in the end with the delivery.  I pray that our Spiritual connection will be more powerful than even our physical connection.  I know there will be very hard days when we don’t see eye to eye, when I will feel like she hates me, etc.  But, I pray, like I said, that our Spiritual connection will always supersede the physical connection that we have.

My family is my everything!  Now we have one more darling person to be grateful for and love every day!   





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