The week in photos.


I don’t know if you know my kids, but they are pretty freaking cute.  I take lots of pics of them.  And videos.(Wish I could post those, too.)  So, I thought I would share a sampling of the photos I have taken of them this week.  
Image  Image
Some days the kiddos nap at the same time, some days, they alternate and I get one on one time with each of them.  I am equally grateful for each, but I really do love getting to play with each of them individually. That one on one time is priceless and I am grateful for it.

Really safe, I know.  Bekkett was give Des a “pack pack” aka a piggy back. He thought it was so funny.  As did sis.  And mom.  Desi is actually starting to scoot around on the walker.  It is unbelievable to me that she is already so big!  Time has flown since she was born.  
This little cheeser did these two bigger puzzles with me the other day.  I had to help him quite a bit, but I was so impressed with his patience and that he stayed with me throughout the whole thing.  And, for a while there, he decided he was never going to smile for pictures.  Glad he is back to “cheese”ing it for the camera.  That happy smile just makes my day!  
 got together with a couple of friends to do a craft.  It had been a LONG time since I had crafted and I loved it!  It made me miss my sissy and our crafting days, but I am grateful to have found friends to be able to do that with here.  
God knows how to make my day.  Just look at that masterpiece.  




Don’t mind the no-makeup/I-need-a-haircut-BADLY look I’ve got going on…Just focus on the cute kid I am lucky to be psing with! 🙂 I love the ones of him trying to make faces!  He is at such a fun age.  I just love him!  
es has started eating rice cereal and the first couple times we tried to feed it to her, she gagged on it.  Bekkett chowed it down, but she has had a little bit of a different time with it.  She is finally starting to swallow after daily practice with her, but really it has only taken her about a week to get it.  She is still messy, as you can see in the picture, but at least she is a cute mess.  Bekkett always suggests that we feed “baby ice” during meal times.  It is amazing how much these two love each other!  Bekkett always wants to know where baby is, and when he gets to see her{when she just wakes up in the mornings or from naps} he gets SO excited and they just smile and laugh at each other.  I LOVE to watch them interact!  Priceless mommy moments!
Bekkett found daddy’s legos, which I am sure that Greg is going to be THRILLED about, because then he is going to think that he has every reason to start buying legos “for Bekkett” {Which I am secretly OK with, but don’t tell him that} 😉

Anyways, that is a bit of a catch up of life in the Ostler family this week.  Hope you enjoy.




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