Today, because of TimeHop on my phone, I realized it had been one year since I thought I had miscarried Des.  It brought back a flood of emotions, but made me count my blessings of having her here, safe and WHOLE!  I was worried that she might have some complications because of my complications carrying her, but I am grateful for her safety and her health!  God truly is good to us.  

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that hiccups don’t come.  Most of you know that we have been trying to sell Greg’s car for months now.  After putting over $600 into it, unexpectedly, we ended up only getting $900 out of it, when we were hoping to get about $2000 or so.  BUT, we DID get it sold, finally! 🙂

Well, we have also been trying to sell the scooter, and the bikes, just toys that we don’t use anymore, etc.  We took the scooter up to a little lot where everyone parks cars and motorcycles, etc. to try and sell them.  We have had it there for about a month and have had a couple of calls on it.  A lady called yesterday about it, and called again today to meet me up there with her mechanic and so she could test drive it.  I had a feeling to go and make sure it started before she was going to get there.  When I got there, I went to put the key in and to turn it on and it just felt like the key was jammed.  I checked to make sure it was the right key{and it was} and it would barely turn to the ignition part and when I tried to turn it on, there was nothing.  It was super sketch, because I have never had it do anything like that to me in the past.  I swear someone has jacked with it and now it is all messed up.  It is just super discouraging.  It would be nice to have that financial cushion, or put it toward our car payment, but it’s ok.  We will check it out when Greg gets back off of the trail and see what we need to do to get it taken care of.  

I am grateful for hiccups, because they do make me stronger.  I just need to continue with a PMA like my momma taught me!  



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