So, after the past 2 days, I just HAVE to write and say how blessed I have been!  As I have been on this new adventure and journey in my life, I guess I never expected it to be so hard.  I was just so ready for something new, a change, that I didn’t foresee the struggles that I would experience.  And now, after being out here for almost 3 months, I am realizing some things that are blessing my life.

For the first month, I think I was in the “honeymoon” stage of our new adventure.  I had lots to adjust to, but I was also busy unpacking, cleaning, putting up pictures, making home feel like home, finding my way around town, etc.

Month #2 started to get harder.  I felt like I was a horrible mom.  I felt like no one had ever been in my position before.  I didn’t seem as happy.  I got super irritated at my kids over the smallest things.  When Greg was away, I wished away every moment until he returned.  I dreaded every morning, that I had to go through another day, seemingly all alone, until Greg would get back.

And now month #3.  I went to Norwex convention at the beginning of the month.  It was an incredible experience, and I learned a ton about my business and where I wanted it to go, but I also met and got to know some amazing people who have amazing insight to life and motherhood.

Just before conference, my friend Jaci gave me some recommendations for some parenting books, and then these new found friends at conference gave me more great ideas.

I have been reading about the law of attraction and how whatever we put out into the universe will come back to us.  She even says something to the affect that, we don’t have to understand exactly how the law of gravity works to know that it is working.  I don’t understand exactly everything about the law of attraction, but I do understand that it works.

I also have been reading a book about accepting our children for who they are.  Even though sometimes we don’t understand why they do everything they do, accepting and LOVING them for who they are will change them.

As I have been putting for the effort to be POSITIVE, I remind myself that I make my situations worse, just by thinking about how hard it is.  Yesterday morning I was DYING because I thought it was Saturday, and then I turned my thoughts around and just looked forward to every second with my cute kiddos and the day flew by.  Same thing today!  Bekkett woke up at 7:20, right as I was getting ready to feed Des.  At first I was annoyed at him yelling “Mama” about 100 times.  But, as soon as I thought that, I turned my thoughts around and felt grateful that he was excited to see ME!  Today, we had nothing special on the agenda, but it was a WONDERFUL day!  And it FLEW by.

Now I am in a predicament.  I want the days to FLY by so that we can be with Greg, but I hate to see the time fly by so fast because my baby is now 2 years and 2 1/2 months.  My other baby, whom I feel like we just had yesterday is 4 1/2 months.  Now what do we do now?

I guess I found in the past two days, what I have been needing for a while now.  Bask in the moment.  Enjoy each precious second I have with these kids, especially while they still like me.  Take time to enjoy this…


And this…

Image         Image

And this..

.Image       Image

And this…


And this…

Image    Image

And this…


And this.



Every day doesn’t go perfectly, but in every day there are perfect moments.  And those moments are what I live for.



2 thoughts on “Moments.

  1. Johanna

    It can be hard to find the right balance. My new goals have been to keep it simple and to be more affectionate take time to snuggle my kids, to hold their hands and to get down on their level. I am reading a book called Its OK not to share and am loving it. I highly recommend it for someone with a cute busy toddler. Sending my Love!

    • Thanks for the book recommendation! It will be a good one to read if I can finish these 2 books. I am notorious for getting new books, reading until about 3/4 done and never finishing. Probably the last 10 books I have started are like this. Wish me luck! 🙂

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