A Day in the Life.


Wake up.  Bunk(Milk).  Mormon Messages. Sis wakes up.  Morning loves for sis.  Breakfast.

Image     Image

Mama walks.  Sister sleeps.  Brother has a snack(most mornings are healthier than this nasty 4-year-old choco pie from Korea.)


Trucks.  Cars.  Airplane.  Helicopter.  Parking garage.  Bike.  Outside.  Phone(mostly the camera.)


24 photos later.  Messes.  Clean up. {aka. “keen up keen up, away” in Bekkett’s words}

IMG_8928 IMG_8929

Practicing strength.  Being cute.


Riding.  Playing.  Laughing.  Singing.  


Falling asleep.  Mom trying to keep him awake with a game.  Opens camera.  Takes this pic.  Falls asleep.  



More to come.  The rest of a day in the life: coming soon. 



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