Day-before-the-trail: Round 2.


The day started out like most days.  Hanging out, Mormon messages, trains, playing with Des on the play mat and cheesing it, and being absolutely adorable watching “Georgie” on Netflix.



We didn’t do anything too special before nap times, but Greg had looked up the Asheville Tourists baseball game schedule and there was one last night.  So, while Bekkett napped, Greg had the great idea of making Bekkett an Asheville Tourists t-shirt.  We threw dinner together and scarfed it down once Bekkett woke up and we were on our way to the game.  

Before we left, Bekkett grabbed one of Greg’s biking gloves and wanted to take it with us.  Who knows how he knows that it looks like a baseball batting glove, but whatev.  It was so dang cute.  He was on his way out the door, ran back in and grabbed the glove and said, “This too, mom!”  So, here are some pictures of Bekkett with his “baseball” glove.  



He even put the glove on, all by himself!  he is such a smart kid!  {Notice his hair…I cut it myself!  Impressed?}

The best part about this whole situation is that all we had to do was take 3 old t-shirts apiece and donate them to Goodwill at the gate and we got in for FREE!  Pretty sweet!  



We said 100 times that we needed to be sure to get a picture with our whole family in it.  Sure enough, we didn’t! :/  but we still got some cute ones:



Even though we got home late, and got the kids to bed super late, it was totally worth it.  I am so grateful for Greg and his sense of adventure.  And especially his willingness to exert extra energy so that we can have a great time when he is off the trail.  I feel like adventures are so tiring, sometimes, but not with him around!  I truly am SO grateful for him!  He is such an amazing daddy and I love him for that!

What shows he is such a good daddy?  Bekkett has been asking for daddy since the minute he woke up this morning!  I am grateful every day that he only has to leave a week at a time!  I keep telling myself it could be worse! 😉  

Anyways, a little bit of our life! 



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