Registering a new car in a new state can be a huge pain in the ass {pardon my French}. There are so many hoops to jump through.
-First of all we thought G had to have an NC drivers license to get his plates here so we looked into that, but found out he could go get it registered.
-He stood in line forever as they said he needed to get an inspection(which it says online that it doesn’t need an inspection until the firs renewal).
-He goes to get an inspection and fails inspection because the tiny is too dark, so he has to take the tint off(which is going to look silly).
-So now he has to take the tint off, go get it re inspected, go back and stand in a ridiculously long line to get his plates.
It’s just a crap shoot, I tell ya. They sure know how to burst a new car excitement bubble!:). Ok, vent over.



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