Saturday is a special day.


While Greg was out on the trail, we had told one another that we would both think of things to do while he was off the trail the next time around.  So, as the week went on, I sent Greg ideas of things I wanted to do.  One of the biggest things: hiking.  So we woke up yesterday and got on the road to a cute little hiking trail near us.  

First of all, daddy likes to put Desi on Bekkett’s shoulders and let Bekkett walk around, while Greg is holding her.  I will have to get a video/picture next time, but Bekkett and Desi just giggle so hard!  They love each other so much!  So, we thought this might work a little better:



OK just kidding.  We didn’t let him carry her.  But it was cute to see him try to carry the pack on his back.  



Getting ready.



“Is that your 4 year old in a pack on your back?” Haha!  



I am absolutely in love with this pic.  Desi’s face is darling and LOOK at Bekkett’s smile.  Probably my favorite picture of Bekkett in a long time!!

Image    Image

I love my view.  I am the luckiest!  

We hiked through some beautiful area and there were lots of information stands about how they do testing to make sure the trees are growing healthily, there were baskets to make sure that there were always a certain amount of acorns always growing in this “experimental” forest.  It was the first experimental forest in the US.  It was a really great hike and a great time to spend outside with my beautiful family.  

As we were hiking, I told Greg that he was lucky that he got paid to do this all week.  I made Greg walk in the front of the line so that I didn’t catch so many spider webs in the face.  It DID remind me how much I hate spiders and bugs, in general, but I guess that is what I have to trade out in order to feel the peace and serenity of the mountains and forest.  

We surely live in a beautiful place and feel lucky to have this experience!  Although I am missing home, we are happy to be here! 🙂





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