Field Trip.


Today we went on a field trip.  We found out about the WNC Nature Center in Asheville and wanted to take the kids to it.  On our way, I took some selfies(don’t judge), but as I sat there taking these photos, I was overwhelmed with how lucky I feel to be surrounded with darling kids and my handsome hubs!  



Once we got there, we were disappointed to find out that adults cost $8, but Asheville residents were only $6.  Then, I remembered that our zoo pass to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC had a bunch of sister zoos that we could either get in half off or free.  We asked the lady and she said that if we had our pass then we got in for free!  WOOT WOOT!  

Once we got started, we surely had a great time.  Bekkett loves EVERYTHING about animals and so it was a fun morning at the Nature Center.  



He was so bugged by the fact that we put him on the turtle to get a picture.  He is so anti-photo recently.  Just being a turkey.  Surprise! 🙂



We found a couple of caterpillars on the trails.  Cute little guys.  

After the nature center, we went and got food from Sam’s and then came home for lunch and hanging out in the beautiful weather out here.  

Desi is obsessed with her feet and is always playing with them, and brother is obsessed with sister.  It is pretty darn cute!  Every morning when we go get Des out of her crib, he always says, “Hi Princy!”, because I always call her Princess or Principessa.  Cutest big brother EVER!  




Now, for a date night tonight!  Can’t wait!



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