Wrong number.


So, Saturday I saw a car that I thought Greg might be interested in buying.  I gave him a call and chatted a bit, but knew nothing would happen until Greg got home Wednesday. 

Yesterday, we were coming home from dinner at some friends’ house and I hear Bekkett say, “Hi Grandma!”  Then I hear, in a muffled tone, “The number you are trying to reach is not answering at this time. Good bye.”  Bekkett says, “Buh bye!”  I grab the phone from him and he had called this same man about the car 4 times in a row.  As I keep scrolling down, I see that he had tried to call this man 7 times previously and also tried to FaceTime him twice.  That had all happened while I had dozed off while he was watching Curious George…ooops!  

So, late last night, this man(hispanic) calls me after I had gone to sleep and he says, “I don’t know if you have the wrong number, but I don’t know anyone from Utah…”  (I listened to this message when I was super groggy at like 2 AM)  

THEN, Bekkett tried AGAIN to call him when we were on our way home from my YW Presidency meeting this morning!  The poor man selling the car.  He probably never thought selling a car could be so obnoxious.  

And that is what you get when you have a toddler with an iPhone.



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