A bit of humor #2.


Remember my post about dogs, baby and toddler on the ground screaming? Here is another one of those experiences when I think my life is ridiculous…not that my life is ridiculous, but that experiences in my life are ridiculous.

Just imagine this happening to you.  Sitting on the back porch, texting my sister, getting darling pictures of nieces, dying because I can’t snuggle my brand new niece, starting to get super homesick and beginning to bawl.  Darling Des is sleeping upstairs.  Bekkett sees me starting to cry and he gives me a kiss on the arm and picks me a dandelion.  What a darling boy.  As I am composing myself, Bekkett goes inside and shuts the door.

I stand up and go to walk in the house and the door is lock.  Not just the door, but the dead bolt is shut.  Who ever even knew that Bekkett knew how to turn the dead bolt?  Not me.  If it were just locked on the doorknob, that would be no problem.  I have carded my door so many times, I am a pro, but the dead bolt…that is another story.  Like I said, Desi is sleeping upstairs, but will be waking up soon to eat.  I try coaching Bekkett to turn the lock, but he just keeps fumbling with the doorknob lock.  I am bawling and trying to get him to focus.  Have you ever tried to get a two year old to focus for more than 10 seconds?  All that kept running through my head is, “Seriously!  How is this happening to me!?  I don’t have money for a locksmith and quite frankly, I don’t have TIME for a locksmith.”  I run around to the front door to see if one of those locks were open, try to open the garage door and that doesn’t work either.  I run back around to the back and try to coach him to open it again and he just isn’t getting it.  I go to a TINY window by the BBQ grill to try and open that and it is locked too.

I FINALLY just say out loud, “Heavenly Father, please just let Bekkett focus long enough to get me back inside.”  As soon as I said that, I went over and I was able to help him understand how to unlock the door and I finally got in.  Through a ton of tears and FINALLY remembering to ask Heavenly Father for help, I was able to get back in.

I can just imagine what my neighbors were thinking as I was bawling and trying to coach Bekkett how to open the door.

Glad to say that we are having a great day besides that and that all is well! 🙂

Well, Bekkett is awake.  I have more pics to post when I have a little more free time!



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