Going-on-the-trail Eve.


We had a great going-on-the-trail eve together as a family.  One thing with Greg being gone on the trail is that we try to make the most of every moment we have together as a family.  So this was our Tuesday, before he left on the trail Wednesday.  Image

Bekkett sharing his new soccer ball with sister.  And she LOVED it.  Maybe she will be a soccer player! 🙂



Swimming at Auntie SueSue’s pool.  Bekkett is getting SO much better at swimming and not being so afraid of water going over his head.  He LOVES swimming and so does Des!  That floaty for Des is seriously one of the best things we ever bought!  Keeps her safe while we are chasing Bekkett around.  We also found this leaf bug in the pool and rescued it.  It was super cute and just hung out for a while with us.  Bekkett loved it and kept saying, “Hi, bug!”  So cute!  

Unfortunately, B man was bending over to pick up a frisbee and biffed it on his nose and forehead.  He got a massive bloody nose and then his nose and forehead got a few scratches.  Bekkett is all boy…rough and tumble!  Always has a bruise or scratch from his adventures.  Whether from swimming, biking, walking(or falling), he always has a “bik owie” and has anything/anyone kiss it.  

Speaking of kissing owies, when we were part time dog walkers, we were leaving the park one day and he said, “kap(park, muah” as if he wanted the park to kiss his owie better.  And there is a statue in the park…every time we walk past the statue he says, “Hi, kapa(Grandpa Munns).” That same day, after he said, “kap, muah”, he goes, “kapa, muah” to the statue.  It was funny.  



When we got back, we played out on the patio and Bekkett wanted Desi to play in his car and then he wanted to hold her in it, so we gave it a go.  🙂



Greg got to snuggle his princess and they both fell asleep.  Darling.



We went into Asheville to try and make some contacts for Norwex and to walk around.  it was a great evening together in Asheville.  

We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom(YUMMO) and came home to get the kids in bed on time.  

Then I set this up to watch a show in:Image


Yes that is Bekkett’s shark pool with blankets, and pillows in it.  Against the back were pillows and it made for quite a comfy place to watch a show.  If you notice, there is also some sparkling cider.  We got this bottle of sparkling cider in a picnic basket for our wedding and we found it in our move, so Greg put it in the fridge.  Well, I pulled it out with the cups that Greg made for me when I was gone(I need to post those pics, too).  We popped it open and it was pretty sour.  We checked the expiration date: November 2010.  Haha!  So we passed up the sparkling cider.  

It made for a wonderful day together as a family.  We feel super blessed to be where we are right now. Though some days are harder than others, we both feel we have a lot of learning and growing to do and we are grateful!



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