So, I just have really cute kids, so I wanted to post some photos.  Nothing really special, just every day life, so here you go.  ImageImageImageImageImage

It has been beautiful weather the whole week that Greg was off of the trail, and of course the night before he leaves on the trail again, the clouds roll in, and then it has been raining pretty much all day.  Oh well, we keep the kids busy! 🙂

One thing we did do today was FaceTime with Shandi and family.  The first thing that Nikki says to me, “Hi Kenz, you guys want to come over?”  My response, “Do you want to make me cry first thing today?”  Haha.  What a cute girl.  Desi was LOVEING listening to Shandi’s voice and was all smiles.  Then, a good part of the time, Nikki and Bekkett just pulled faces and giggled at each other.  It was pretty priceless.


Love those kiddos!  Miss them all.  And I am REALLY missing angel baby snuggles!  Every time I see Ainsley’s squinched up face, it reminds me of when B man was born.  I just want to sniff her(sounds creepy, I know), but newborns always smell the sweetest!  NOTHING BETTER!  Shandi, give her extra loves from Aunt Kenzie.

There is the update with will post more as this week goes along.



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